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9 Apr 2020 - 15 Syaaban 1441 Zuhur 13:08 Asar 16:18
9 Apr 2020 - 15 Syaaban 1441 | Subuh 5:45 | Syuruk 7:02 | Zuhur 13:08 | Asar 16:18 | Maghrib 19:11 | Ishak 20:20
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Calligraphy Exhibition - The Bustan Khat

[Event has ended]
Sun, 28 August 2016, 8am - 4pm | English
Masjid Assyafaah
The Bustan Khat

calligraphy, arab, mosque, event

Fees: FREE


Assyafaah Family Fiesta is happening this weekend!

Have you marked your calendars yet?

Here's something you can look forward to, if you are into Calligraphy.

Assyafaah Mosque is collaborating with The Bustan Khat for a Calligraphy exhibition during our Fiesta.

Check the poster for more details and do drop by the booth for a hands-on experience in calligraphy!


Assyafaah Mosque

1 Admiralty Lane, Singapore 757620


Masjid Assyafaah


The Bustan Khat


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