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19 Nov 2019 - 22 RabiulAwwal 1441 Syuruk 6:49 Zuhur 12:52
19 Nov 2019 - 22 RabiulAwwal 1441 | Subuh 5:27 | Syuruk 6:49 | Zuhur 12:52 | Asar 16:14 | Maghrib 18:52 | Ishak 20:05
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Youth aLIVE Modular Series

[Event has ended]
Wed, 31 August 2016, 7,00pm to 10.00pm | English
Al-Istighfar Mosque
Ustaz Md Zuhaily

islamic history, spain, arts

Fees: $30

Youth aLIVE Modular Series is back!

This time we will be covering on Islamic Civilization.

Join us to learn about how Islam came to South-East Asia, the inventions that Muslims contributed to the modern world, the history of Islam and Spain and get inspired by Islamic Arts!

The course will go on from 31st August to 19 October 2016, every Wednesday at 7.00pm to 10.00pm.

Registration is open now until 26 August for $30 per person.

For registration, payment and enquiries, please contact Ustazah Azizah at 6426 7150 or head down to Al-Istighfar Mosque Information Counter at Level 1.


Al-Istighfar Mosque

2 Pasir Ris Walk, Singapore 518239


Al-Istighfar Mosque


Ustaz Md Zuhaily


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