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27 Feb 2021 - 15 Rejab 1442 Maghrib 19:20 Ishak 20:30
27 Feb 2021 - 15 Rejab 1442 | Subuh 5:58 | Syuruk 7:15 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:32 | Maghrib 19:20 | Ishak 20:30
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Islamic Worldview Part 1

[Event has ended]
Tue, 2 August 2016, 8 to 10 pm (after Maghrib) | English
150 Changi Road, #02-04, Guthrie Building
Abdul Halim Abdul Karim

Fees: $200 after infaq

Course Synopsis

This course introduces the basic concepts of worldview as conceived from the various perspectives; sociological, psychological, political as well as in the dialectical 
discourse between secularism and religious living.

Attendees will be exposed to several broad conceptions of what is the Islamic worldview culminating in the assertion that the Islamic worldview is an all-encompassing vision of Reality and Existence as described and prescribed by Islam (Ru'yat al-Islam li al-Wujud).

This course would also provide the attendees with a strong understanding of the core of Islam and its main characteristics such as it being Syumul (Complete and comprehensive) and Rabbani (Divinely inspired).

Attendees will also learn the pre-requisite elements towards understanding the Islamic worldview. These include; the concepts of al-Tawhid, existence (Wujud) and ‘Ilm (Knowledge), the concepts of Iman (Faith) and Ihsan (excellence in ‘Amal (Deeds), the concepts of SunnatulLah (Workings of nature as acts of God), Nubuwwah (Prophethood), ‘Aql (Man's reasoning capacity) and Fitrah (Primordial nature of Man) in the discussion of Identity (Huwiyyah) in Islam and the concept of Adab (The placing of things and self in their proper places) and ‘Adl (Justice) as well as the role of man vis-à-vis the Creator (al-Khaliq) and the rest of creation.


Course venue:

150 Changi Road #02-01A, The Guthrie (near Mjd Darul Aman, 10 minutes from Eunos MRT Station)

Frequency and Duration:

Commences on 2 August 2016, weekly classes every Monday 8-10pm (total 10 sessions with option for 2 extensions)

Course Fees:

Original- $330/pax; Now $200/pax (due to private sponsorship or infaq)
$20.00 discount for full-time students
Notes and pertinent readings will be given

Register online:


150 Changi Road, #02-04, Guthrie Building

150 Changi Road, #02-04, Guthrie Building, Singapore 419973 (5-10 mins walk from Eunos MRT)


Abdul Halim Abdul Karim


Abdul Halim Abdul Karim

Abdul Halim has a very multidisciplinary background that encapsulates the Hard Sciences, the ...


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