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Kelas Bahasa Arab (Basic Arabic) - August 2016 Intake

[Event has ended]
Mon, 1 August 2016, 8pm - 9:30pm | Malay
Nadi Furqan (Golden Landmark)
Nadi Furqan

arabic course, kelas, bahasa arab, nadi furqan

Fees: $220 for 12 sessions

The objective of this course is to provide the knowledge, understanding and the ability to apply the basic Arabic language comprising of Nouns, Verbs, and Preposition.

Students will be able to know and identify each of the various types of Nouns and Verbs, and understand the terminology such as:
- Muzdakkar (Male)
- Muannath (Female)
- Mufrad (Singular)
- Muthanna (Dual)
- Jama' (Plural)

3 Types of Fi'el (Verbs):
- Maadhi (Past Tense)
- Mudhori'e (Present and Future Tense)
- Amr (Command Tense)

At the end of the course, students would be equipped with the knowledge learnt (proficient) and able to:
- Understand and apply the terminology that has been taught in the course
- Read, write and create sentences using those terms

Trainer: Ustaz Achmed Fahdly
- 1999: O Levels (Montfort Sec)
- 2003: Diploma in Arabic & Syariah - Mujamak Sheikh Ahmad Kaftaro (Syria)
- 2009: Degree in Dakwah - Mujamak Sheikh Ahmad Kaftaro (Syria)
- 2011: Degree in Arabic & Syariah: Mahad Al Fath Al Islami (Syria)


Mondays (starting 1st August 2016)
Time: 8pm - 9:30pm
Venue: 390 Victoria Street, Golden Landmark,
#03-39 Singapore 188061


Course Fees:
$220 for 12 sessions
$100 non-refundable deposit can be made for booking of place. Balance payment can be staggered during the 12 sessions.

Only 20 places are available per class.

Terms and Conditions:
1) Full Payments are to be made before Course starts.
2) No refunds for students backing out of course before course starts or during the course.
3) Students are to attend classes punctually and inform teachers in charge if not able to attend so arrangements can be made to switch to another group for that particular session.
4) Organisers have the rights to make changes to schedule or cancel classes. Students will be informed in advanced for changes.

How To Register?

Method 1) Payment by Cash / Nets
- Please call our HOTLINE @ 6871 8744 Ext 1 to arrange appointment for payments.

Method 2) Bank Transfer / Debit Card / Paypal
- Use the Registration system shown below.

Step 1: Choose the Group
Step 2: Fill in your details
Step 3: Choose your payment methods and proceed with Payment.


Nadi Furqan (Golden Landmark)

390 Victoria Street, Golden Landmark #03-39 S(188061)


Nadi Furqan


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