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[Event has ended]
Mon, 15 February 2016, 8 to 9.30pm | Malay
Lighthouse Tuition Centre
Lighthouse Tuition Centre
Ustaz Muhd Yunus Piperdy

Fees: $295

February 2016 Intake !!
*Suitable & Highly Recommended for Shift Workers*
(ALL Lessons will be conducted in ENGLISH) **LIMITED SEATS**

A 3-Month (12 lessons) IQRA "Zero-To-Hero" Programme !
(For adults who wish to start from ZERO)

Dear Friends !

Let's be amongst those whom our Beloved Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) have mentioned which means
"The Experts of Quran will be amongst those Noble Angels, and the one who reads the Quran and is STRUGGLING learning it, and finds it Extremely Difficult, will get DOUBLE rewards from Allah Most High (due to his patience and perseverance in learning the words of Allah Most High)"

Let us sacrifice at least 1.5 hours of our weekly time in learning the Book of Allah The Almighty and increase our spiritual relation with HIM. Insyallah, Your Efforts Will NEVER be neglected by Allah.


Join US to Be Able to Read The Holy Quran in Just 15 HOURS !!

REGISTER NOW !! please click on the link below :

Due to High Volume of Requests, LTC is having a new intake of participants which will commence in February 2016 Insyallah!!
In this programme, participants will be taught from Alif Ba Ta, till they are able to read the Quran, in JUST 12 sessions !!
**Tajwid will not be covered in this course and will only be taught in the follow-up programme Insyallah**

*number of lessons stated above includes one complimentary session on writing Arabic*

System is proven alhamdulillah and in 2014 and early 2015 alone, more than 1000 adults have benefited from this course and has now move on to the Quran, Tajwid, Tafsir & Fiqh Module.

Participants will be taught using the Al-Muqaddimah book, authored by Ustaz Muhd Yunus Piperdy Al-Hafiz himself .. with an option to purchase a very high tech stylus pen that greatly helps home revision!

Registration for February 2016 intake is open NOW !

Days & time available :
- Mondays 8 to 9.30pm (1st lesson on 15th February 2016)
- Tuesdays 8 to 9.30pm (1st lesson on 16th February 2016)
- Thursdays 8 to 9.30pm (1st lesson on 18th February 2016)
- Fridays 8 to 9.30pm (1st lesson on 19th February 2016)
- Sundays 1.30 to 3pm (1st lesson on 21st January 2016)

*please choose ONLY ONE time slot as your FIXED weekly session*

-session will b once a week (participants who are working shift may come on either days as per stated above apart from your fixed session if you are working on your fixed session day)

Breakdown of fees :
-$30 reg fees
-$15 Al-Muqaddimah book
-$250 (11 sessions modular fees + one complimentary session*)

Total Cost of module including MQS Book - $295

After filling up the form above, please make payment to confirm your seat. All payments can be done via funds transfer to DBS Current Account Number 027-905887-0 , and send us the image via watsapp to 8692 1201 stating your name,choice of day of session and amount transferred.

Alternatively, you may pay via Nets/Cash at our centre located at the address above during Mondays to Fridays EXCEPT Thursdays (between 6pm to 10pm), Saturdays (9am to 4pm), or Sundays (10am to 3pm).

*ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE DONE BEFORE 8th of February 2016 to confirm your seat*

REGISTER NOW !! please click on the link below :

*first come first serve basis*



Lighthouse Tuition Centre

150 Changi Road, #02-02, Guthrie Building, Singapore 419973


Lighthouse Tuition Centre


Ustaz Muhd Yunus Piperdy


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