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Mission 98:8 Reboot Camp

[Event has ended]
Sat, 21 November 2015, 8:00 | English
Terror Sea Scout Campsite (Sembawang)

camp for youth, night walk, treasure hunt, race, muhammadiyah

Fees: $120


Following the success of D'Camp, Camp SATU and Camp DUA, Beliawanis and Pemuda Muhammadiyah are back with a fourth run of our youth camp series.

‘Mission: 98.8 Reboot Camp'.

With Surah Al- Baiyyinah (98) Ayat 8 as our main inspiration, we would like to empower the youth towards inspired decision making to achieve Mardhatillah (Allah's Pleasure). The main focus of the camp will be to reboot, realign and reassign their priorities in life and to place Mardhatillah as the main purpose in life. We aim to achieve this by incorporating the Islamic decision making process with the core elements towards achieving Mardhatillah through camp activities such as Project race, talks and activities.

Highlights of MRC 2015 include:

(i) R3 lectures and treasure hunt
(ii) Project Race
(iii) Night Walk

And much much more!

So if you are a 13 -16 years old who is keen on a fun, meaningful learning experience from 21-23 November 2015, do join us!

Direct your parents to this event invite and contact Sis Ezza and Sis Suhaila for more information.

Register online via:

We hope that you would be able to join us in this journey of self-discovery and improvement, InsyaAllah.

Yours sincerely,

Marketing Team

Mission 98:8 Reboot Camp 2015


Register online via:


Terror Sea Scout Campsite (Sembawang)

St Helena Rd


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