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Youth Symposium II: YOUNG & DANGEROUS - Fulfilling Life Destiny

[Event has ended]
Sun, 1 November 2015, 9:30 am - 2 pm | English
Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre
Fityan Assyakirin - Youth wing of Assyakirin mosque

programme for youth, symposium

Fees: $15 per pax

- DISCOVER the youth issues experienced by the past Muslim leaders
- GAIN SECRETS to success & solving life problems against all odds
- BE CONFIDENT in leading & fulfilling life's destiny
- BE INSPIRED from the success stories of our youths


-Live acoustic performance by Mimi Nazrina (Malaysia)

Sharing of Youths' Success Stories:

A Hafiz and a renown Qari, his beautiful Quranic recitation was given due recognition by Misyari Rashid Al Afasy when he
recited alongside the world renown Qari in August this year.

Mimi Nazrina (Malaysia) - 'SOCIAL MEDIA ICON'
Her YouTube cover of Humood AlKhuder's ‘Kun Anta'
garnered more than 2.4 million views, making her an
overnight sensation. She was even featured in MELETOP (TV)

He is one of the two former Madrasah students who become
the first to have made the cut to enter NUS highly competitive Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

-Drama Ensemble by Fityan Assyakirin " Insomnia Jiwa Manusia: Realiti Alam Fantasi"

The Drama is written by a Masters Candidate from UM is an emotional play about a mother and daughter who have insomnia and struggled through their daily life.
Real, complex issues like strained parent-child relationships, depression, family abuse, finding the truth & understanding the reasons why individuals suffer from insomnia due to their life tribulations.

FORUM: Fulfilling Life Destiny

A tenured Associate Professor at the Dept of Malay Studies,
NUS, he specializes on the history of Islam in S.E. Asia, covering topics such as the Muslim networks, social movements,intellectual currents & minorities within & beyond the region.

2. UST MD ZAHID MD ZIN - ‘The Humanitarian'
He is currently the Head of Tradisi Halaqah & Programmes
For Muslim With Disabilities at (BAPA). He also serves as Naib Kadi & an active motivational speaker. He is also a member of a local Qasidah group, Maadihul Mustafa

She is an educator in a local Madrasah & aLIVE trainer.
A recipient of Sultan Ahmad Shah Excellence Award & represented KIPSAS in an inter-varsity Arabic debate. She is also a black belt taekwando holder & represented KIPSAS during the Malaysian University Games.

4. UST MD FIZAR ZAINAL - ‘The Moderator'
Ustaz Fizar currently serves as the Head of Education, Research and Training in Safinah Institute. He holds a Diploma in Arabic Language & a Graduate Diploma in Dialogue of Civilizations at the Center for Arabic Studies at the Syeikh Ahmed Kuftaro Foundation, Damascus, Syria.
Prior to his tertiary education, Ustaz Fizar had spent two years at Rubat Tareem Asy-Syatiri, Yemen studying traditional Islamic learning, after spending four years of secondary education in a local secondary school. He also possess a Diploma in Counselling and Psychology at APMI Kaplan.


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