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Little Sahabats 2

[Event has ended]
Sat, 21 November 2015, 10am to 4pm | Malay
Nur Insan Learning Centre
Islamic Designworks

programme for children, competition, public speaking

Little Sahabats is a competition which will drive young Muslims to know more about their religion. It is also a good platform for the young Muslims to be exposed to the society, and build up confidence in public speaking.

Last year, this competition allowed young Muslims to showcase their talents in spreading dakwah via the means of these main 3: Storytelling, Giving the call to prayer and Reciting (mengaji). This year, Little Sahabats 2 would be focusing on only storytelling.
Our long-term vision for Little Sahabats in general is for these participants to grow up to become daies who would spread dakwah to others around him. Just like the sahabahs of the Prophet SAW, these little sahabats will help to spread dakwah and bring Islam back to its feet.
Little Sahabats can also be the avenue to remind and prove to the public that Islam is not only a serious matter for adults, but instead it should be incorporated into one since young.


The procedure for Little Sahabats 2 would be as follows:

1. Registration (Oct 2015)
2. To receive story telling details by organisers (Oct 2015)
3. Auditions (2 sessions – Nov 2015)
4. Finals selection process
5. Selected participants to go through workshops (Dec 2015)
6. Semi finals
7. Finals (Feb 2016)

There are 2 age categories for this event:
1. 7 to 9 years old
2. 10 to 12 years old

You can register your child here:


Nur Insan Learning Centre

A'Posh BizHub 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #06-16 Nee Soon, Singapore 768160


Islamic Designworks


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