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26 May 2024 - 17 Zulqaeda 1445 Syuruk 6:57 Zuhur 13:04
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Mothers Of Believers: Strength, Honour, Grace

[Event has ended]
Wed, 2 September 2015, 8.00pm - 9.30pm | English
20 Joo Chiat Road
Alchemy of Hippie-ness


Fees: S$100

Through the Prophet's history, we learn so much about the man who was sent as a mercy to all creation. However, this is just one side of the story. Behind the Prophet were great, virtuous women whose dedicated support were indispensable. Their contributions to the Prophetic family life and to Islam are invaluable and uncountable. Let us learn more about the Mothers of the Believers and be inspired by their remarkable strength, intelligence, resilience and grace.

This course is particularly relevant to all Muslims, male and female. The position in Jannah is not differentiated by gender. Learning about the Prophetic wives will give us guidance on how to develop a model family-life and be inspired by the lives of these noble women. You are encouraged to come with your loved ones, your family and friends and inspire each other to the Path of Salvation through the inspiration of these personalities.


The Alchemy, 20 Joo Chiat Road #02-10, Singapore 427375

Nature: A 6-weeks modular course
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Start: 2 September 2015 (Wednesdays)
Code: MOB
Fee: S$100 only

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20 Joo Chiat Road

20 Joo Chiat Road


Alchemy of Hippie-ness


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