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The Miraculous Night Journey and Heavenly Ascension: The Prophetic Mission for Humanity

[Event has ended]
Fri, 15 May 2015, 7.45 pm | English
Singapore Management University, SMU Muslim Society, Nur Ikhwan

israk mikraj

Fees: $10

About the Topic
In the history of Islam, there were special events which took place and which we should commemorate for the purpose of drawing lessons from them. As Muslims, we know and believe that such events took place because of the wisdom of Allah, to serve as a guide for us and for the future generation of Muslims.

It was the event of Isra' and Mi'raj, which took place on the 27th day of Rejab (621 C.E.) and which saw the Prophet's miraculous journey by night from Makkah to Jerusalem and his heavenly ascension therafter to the Throne of Allah. The event was significantly illustrative of a number of aspects, which are very relevant to the life of man today, especially in matters of Islamic belief and morality.

What the Prophet witnessed during the Isra' and Mi'raj - the rejoicing of those who fought for the cause of Allah, the reward of Allah for those who liked to give alms and the merit accorded to those who obeyed Allah - served as a lesson for mankind. Also during the blessed journey, the Prophet saw hardships and sufferings afflicting those who disobeyed Allah - those who lived selfishly and whose sole object in life was to satisfy their desires.

When Prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven, he had a personal direct Encounter with God. It must have been a spectacular experience for the Prophet. So why did he chose to return? Why didn't he bas in the glory and beauty of Allah's presence. Prophet Muhammad returned from the mystical experience of being in the presence of God for the sake of his nation. His selfless compassion and sacrifice is definitely not one that mere mortals would have chosen.

In referring to the Isra' Mi'raj experience, the great 16th century Muslim saint of South Asia, 'Abd Al-Quddus Gangohi, said: "I swear by Allah that if I had reached that point, I should never have returned." And yet, thanks be to Allah, the Prophet returns. This too has remained a key part of Islamic life, that the true test of the people of God is to be able to be with humanity, to eat and sleep in the midst of the people, to conduct trade and human interaction, to lead a family life, to contribute to the society and nation, but yet to strive for one moment to not become unmindful of the presence of the Ever-Merciful. The speaker will discuss in detail the Prophetic mission for humanity in the light of the Isra' Mi'raj events.


Event Details
Event Title: The Miraculous Night Journey and Heavenly Ascension: The Prophetic Mission for Humanity
Date: Friday 15 May 2015, 8 pm
Venue: Singapore Management University, Mochtar Riady Auditorium, SMU Admin Building, 81 Victoria Street, Level 5 [map]
Speaker: Shaykh Ahmad Saad Al-Azhari, Founder & Director of Ihsan Institute for Arabic & Islamic Studies (United Kingdom)
Admission Fee: $10 per person


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