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The Art of Letting Go - KL

[Event has ended]
Sat, 13 June 2015, 8.30am - 5.00pm | English
Kuala Lumpur
Safinah Institute
Ustaz Tarmizi Wahid, Ustaz Fizar Zainal


Fees: EARLY BIRD OFFER (ends 5th June) - RM598 (Standard RM997) Group of 2 or more - RM500/pax

☞ Struggling to deal with the uncertainties of life?
☞ Adjusting to life without the people and things that you once had?
☞ Trying to move on from broken promises and failed relationships?
☞ Overcoming grief - after the sudden loss of a loved one?
☞ Attempting to disassociate from the negative labels others have given you?
☞ Bidding to start a brand new life - free from the shackles of your hurtful past?

If you are, then we have the perfect programme and support system to help you!

Safinah Institute's signature programme The Art of Letting Go comes to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

In this intimate life-changing event, you can expect to learn:

✓ How to let go of negative self-demeaning thoughts
✓ How to move on after a bad and broken relationship
✓ How to detach from false concepts of happiness
✓ How to keep a distance from things and people which keep us away from Allah
✓ How to release our fears and worries completely to Allah: Tawakkal and Du'a
✓ How to consciously disengage from a vicious cycle of negative addiction - to people and things

"With lessons from the Quran and personal sharing from the participants, it was truly inspirational as it empowered me to have faith and courage in facing life with optimism. Attending the event marked a turning point in my life, which I believe has sparked a renewed sense of hope in my heart. Definitely, lessons to keep for a lifetime."
~ Syikin Kassim

"To those who may fear being judged in this workshop, do disregard that belief, as the environment provided during the workshop was tremendously non-judgmental, warm and conducive. It allowed all the participants to openly share our inner most feelings and thoughts about the liberal society today. It has been a tremendously meaningful and worthwhile journey for me since I took up this program, not to mention the friendships! Definitely an investment worth your time and effort. Sometimes, all we need is to take that chance, to just simply try."
~ Zubaidah Yusoff


The Art of Letting Go in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 13 & 14 June, Saturday & Sunday
Trainers: Ust Mizi Wahid & Ust Fizar Zainal
Venue: TBC
Tickets: EARLY BIRD OFFER (ends 5th June) - RM598 (Standard RM997)
Group of 2 or more - RM500/pax

Notes and activity sheets will be provided along with light refreshments.

~ Ustaz Mizi Wahid, CEO of Safinah Institute ~

An experienced curriculum designer and developer, he has developed more than 30 unique programmes on various subjects for Safinah and its key partners. The range of subjects he has worked on encompass socio-economic issues on education, employment, finances and marriages.

His previous roles as an Associate Member of The Fatwa Committee and Executive in The Office of Mufti of Singapore makes him a highly sought after speaker and advisor of religious affairs. He was one of the appointed Naib Kadis in Singapore between 2011-2014 and has been conducting numerous marriage courses since 2009.

~ Ustaz Fizar Zainal, Head Trainer of Safinah Institute ~

Presently one of the leading young Asatizah in Singapore, he graduated from Damascus, Syria with a Diploma in Arabic Language and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Dialogues of Civilisations. He also holds a Diploma in Counselling & Psychology.

His previous work experience of four years at a local mosque in Singapore has given him the ability to assess the needs of the community and society better. He was also entrusted to manage the mosque school system during that period, having more than 20 teachers under his wing. He presently leads the Education and Training unit at Safinah Institute.

Registration opening soon! Watch this space for updates!


Safinah Institute


Ustaz Fizar Zainal
Ustaz Tarmizi Wahid

Upon completing his pre-university studies at Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, he took a Diploma in Is...


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