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6 Jul 2022 - 6 Zul-Al-Hijja 1443 Asar 16:36 Maghrib 19:16
6 Jul 2022 - 6 Zul-Al-Hijja 1443 | Subuh 5:41 | Syuruk 7:04 | Zuhur 13:11 | Asar 16:36 | Maghrib 19:16 | Ishak 20:31
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TAFSIR AL QURAN (in English)

[Event has ended]
Fri, 27 March 2015, 8.30pm - 10pm | English
Faithhub Center


Fees: $30 monthly

Faithhub presents TAFSIR AL QURAN (in English)

“Guide us to the straight path” Surah Al Fatihah, verse 6

Why do believers need to constantly ask Allah for guidance?

As long as we are still on our journey back to Allah, Satan will never leave us alone. We are required to constantly seek Allah's guidance in order to continue being guided and receive more guidance from Him. The book of guidance, Al Quran, is in Arabic. There are many translations but have you understood what you have recited or read? Did you interpret the verses correctly as per the divine relevations? Did you receive help from credible sources to help you understand the verses and the implications to your daily life?

About the Teacher

Alhamdulilah, Faithhub is privileged to have a qualified and experienced Teacher, Ustaz Yasser Fares. A native Arab, Ustaz Yasser holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language from Ain Shams University. Ustaz Yasser has written a publication in English entitled “AL FATIHAH”. Available at only $10 per copy at Faithhub ( Ustaz Yasser has also been a keynote speaker and panelist at Faithhub's public talk series at Sultan Mosque.

Requirements of a Student (no age limit)
Consistency and Patience.

If you are expecting a short Module that has a start and end date, this class will not suit you. If you are serious about being a better Muslim, striving to seek knowledge and willing to practice what you have learnt, you should join this class and make time to attend class regularly and fully benefit the knowledge. Insy Allah.

Format of Tafsir Class
# Do not expect fancy slides or entertaining speeches

# Ustaz will explain the meaning of verses. continuing from the last lesson. You will benefit from his in-depth knowledge of the Islamic history, the richness of the Arab culture and language, the stories of the Prophets and Companions, Sunnah and Hadith etc

# End of lesson will be the recitation of the verses led by Ustaz Yasser (Ustaz is competent in the 10 Qiraat / different recitations of the Al Quran)

# Question & Answer session. Share your doubts ....Ustaz will try his best to provide the answer... If not, he will find out for you. Insy Allah.

# This is an on-going class. Just bring a Quran in whatever form/tech/gadget. You are welcome to join at any time.

The class has started more than 8 years ago with less than 10 students. Today, the class has grown to about 50 students; males and females; born Muslims and Converts; professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers and religious teachers.


TAFSIR AL QURAN (in English)


Date: Every Friday (Class is on-going). Public holiday – no class.
Time: 8.30pm - 10pm
Venue: FaithHub Centre, 52A Onan Road (above Best Hawa Restaurant)

Fees: $30 per pax per month. Fees due at start of the month. Students (including Tertiary level) – Free Of Charge.

We hope we have summarised the usual FAQ we'd been receiving. Have a question? Call sis Sylvia Wandly 9693 5859 or sis Noraini Bajuri 9622 2241.


Faithhub Center

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