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[Event has ended]
Sat, 9 May 2015, 9.00am - 5.30pm | English
STADA, 16 Arumugam Road #06-01 Lion Building D. Singapore 409961

pre marriage course

Fees: ONLY $130 per person = $260 per couple!! You will also receive a FREE Calendar Book on Blissful Marriage

If you are searching for a marriage preparation course that is engaging, interactive, fun, consultative, educational,informative and yet NOT sounding PREACHY and is NON-JUDGEMENTAL of your religious knowledge, then look no further! Come attend PROWISE CONSULTANCY's 2-days Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Course taught by a team of highly experienced speakers and trainers in the areas of marriage, love and relationship. Lessons will be tied in with teachings of Islam in the most positive manner in relation to marriage and relationships.

PROWISE CONSULTANCY is a provider of Marriage Preparation Course (Kursus Bimbingan Rumahtangga Cinta Abadi) supported and approved by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Participants will be awarded Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory and successful completion of the 2-day course (terms and conditions apply)

You will receive our FREE gift, a calendar book filled with pearls of advice each week for 52 weeks to Supercharging your Marriage.


Visit our website at and watch the video testimonials of our past participants on how they have benefitted from the 2-day course as well as find out more about some plus points you may receive from attending PROWISE Consultancy's Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Course.

This 2-day course (9 & 10 May 2015) is for those who are getting married for the first time and are above 21 years old.

Easy on-line registration at
Call Nora at 8173 8172 for any further enquiry.

All our classes are held at venues within 3 minutes of walking distance to the nearest MRT station and bus stops. Meals are provided.



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