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4 Aug 2021 - 25 Zul-Al-Hijja 1442 Maghrib 19:16 Ishak 20:28
4 Aug 2021 - 25 Zul-Al-Hijja 1442 | Subuh 5:46 | Syuruk 7:06 | Zuhur 13:12 | Asar 16:33 | Maghrib 19:16 | Ishak 20:28
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The Legacy of Muhammad p.b.u.h - The Quran & Sunnah Imperative

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Thu, 28 August 2014, 6.30pm - 7.45pm | English
RELC Building
AlQudwah Academy, Pristine Ilm
Ustaz Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri

lectures, quran, sunnah

Fees: Free

Pristine ILM & AlQudwah Academy

“[We sent them] with clear proofs and written ordinances. And We revealed to you (Muhammad p.b.u.h) the message that you may make clear to the people what was sent down to them and that they might give thought.” [An-Nahl: 44]

Have we imagined how would we perform our prayers if the Prophet p.b.u.h. had never explained?

Have we imagined a world without akhlaq that was exemplified by the Prophet p.b.u.h. such as practicing righteousness towards our parents and interaction towards our family members, friends and even enemies? Have we

imagined how are we to attain God-consciousness, patience and piety if not for the teachings of Prophet p.b.u.h.? Have we imagined that we were never told of the consequences of the end of time?

Have we ever imagined Islam without the Sunnah?

Allah s.w.t. had revealed the Quran to His messenger, Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. and it was also his duty to clarify the final revelation. It is undoubtedly impossible to rely solely on the Quran to comprehend the Deen without the explanations of the Prophet p.b.u.h.

The holistic internalisation of the Deen is dependant on how well we understand the Sunnah of the Prophet p.b.u.h. We will look into amazing examples of the Hadith on how the Prophet p.b.u.h. explains the Quran beautifully. It is through an effort to study the Hadith that we can achieve the appreciation of the Sunnah in our lives, internalising and understanding it.

About the Speaker: Ustaz Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri

Ustaz Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri is the managing director and lead instructor at Alqudwah Academy. He can be regarded as one of the most active speakers in the dissemination of Quran & Hadith studies in Singapore.

A former student of Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, his training includes 5 years of study at Islamic University of Madinah, specializing in Prophetic texts, upon which he completed his degree from the faculty of Quran and Sunnah from the renowned International Islamic University of Malaysia. Currently, he is pursuing a Masters degree in the field of Hadith, reading extensively on traditional Hadith manuscripts and expounding the development of sciences of Hadith and its effect on the Islamic intellectuality.

Ustaz Hidayat has lectured on Quran, Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence in various institutes and mosques in Singapore. He designed the first ever English course on sciences of Hadith in Singapore when he lectured at Safinah Institute and is serving as a guest lecturer at Muhammadiyah Islamic College teaching methods of Hadith extraction for its degree courses. He has spoken at Islamic centres namely Darul Arqam, Az-Zuhri Institute, Safinah Institute, Muhammadiyah Islamic College, Al-Qudwah Association and a regular speaker at Hajar

Consultancy Services. One of his talks at a mosque on the dangers of the Anti-Hadith movement was aired on a local Malay radio station.

Considering himself as an activist, Ustaz Hidayat has been invited for sharing sessions with Muslim Societies of tertiary institutes in Singapore and Malaysia. He is currently an advisor of Quran Revival, a community movement to assist Muslim youths in learning the Quranic recitations and an active member of Hayy Initiative, volunteering to speak on various issues in Islam.

Ustaz Hidayat serves with hope to raise awareness to the Muslim society in Singapore towards the importance of the study, internalisation and preservation of the Quran and Sunnah.


The Legacy of Muhammad p.b.u.h - The Quran & Sunnah Imperative

Date: Thursday, 28th August 2014
Time: 6.30pm - 7.45pm
Venue: RELC, 30 Orange Grove Rd S(258352)

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please visit or call 8500 3937


AlQudwah Academy, Pristine Ilm


Ustaz Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri


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