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5 Mar 2024 - 24 Syaaban 1445 Syuruk 7:14 Zuhur 13:17
5 Mar 2024 - 24 Syaaban 1445 | Subuh 5:57 | Syuruk 7:14 | Zuhur 13:17 | Asar 16:28 | Maghrib 19:19 | Ishak 20:28
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Halaqah Series 2014: Setbacks as Disguised Blessings

[Event has ended]
Thu, 21 August 2014, 7 pm - 10 pm | English
Singapore Institute of Management
SIM Malay Cultural & Muslim Society
Ustazah Nurul Izzah Khamsani

halaqah, blessings

Fees: Free

It is almost inevitable that we would encounter pitfalls and setbacks in life's pursuits. We are faced with challenges, problems and uncertainty. Also, there is a saying that “nothing worth having comes easy”. Especially as a student, we face many failures or challenges that sometimes affect our morale and self-esteem. Islam also teaches us that everything happens for a reason, and should be taken as a lesson. This session aims to shed light on the purpose of these setbacks, and how to learn and move on from them.

1. Source of motivation, especially for students, to take negative events as a springboard in achieving wonders.
2. Link back to verses in the Quran and Prophetic Traditions (hadith), and increase our faith as Muslims.
3. Increase one's self-confidence and self-esteem in handling difficult situations.

Guest Speaker: Ustazah Nurul 'Izzah Khamsani

Profile of Speaker:
Ustazah Nurul 'Izzah graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Islamic Theology (Akidah & Falsafah) from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. She currently serves as an Executive Officer at Jamiyah Arrabitah Mosque in Education and Dakwah, she was also appointed as an associate member of Fatwa Committee for 2010-2013. She is an EXCO member of Pergas, and had achieved 2nd place in the national Quran recitation competition Majis Tilawah Al-Quran Kebangsaan Singapura 2014. She is active in delivering talks and organizing Islamic learning and social development programmes for the Muslim community.

Event is open to ALL.
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7.00pm: Arrival of Guests
7.15pm: Jemaah Maghrib Prayers + Light refreshments
8.00pm: Halaqah Series with Ustazah Nurul 'Izzah Khamsani
9.00pm: Questions & Answers
9.30pm: Summary + Certificate of Appreciation Presentation + Closing Du‘a + Photo Taking Session
9.45pm: End of Event

Singapore Institute of Management 461 Clementi Rd Blk A A.2.09B


Singapore Institute of Management

461 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599491


SIM Malay Cultural & Muslim Society


Ustazah Nurul Izzah Khamsani


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