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Sat, 14 December 2013, 10am to 2pm | English
Auditorium, Civil Service Club
IslamicEvents.SG, El-Mawaddah

love events

Fees: $30 per pax. $50 for two pax

God created men and women in this world as partners in enabling them to be His vicegerents on earth. Evidently in the genesis of humanity, Allah s.w.t. created Adam and Eve as partners in this life. Signifying the need of companionship for human beings, Allah s.w.t. created us into men and women. We were created with sole purpose of worshipping The Almighty Allah s.w.t. and bequeathed with roles and responsibilities. Allah s.w.t. developed the feeling of love and affection in ourselves as reconcile our gender differences and recognizes the need to be equal partners in carrying our amanah in this world.

A popular book by an American author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus pointed out that both men and women are metaphorically came from distinct planets. Men and women only understand things from their respective viewpoints, while not being able to understand the opposite gender. This indeed has been the fundamental cause of relationship breakdown. However, are men and women really that different in Islam? Can the differences in men and women be reconciled through a harmonious approach that is based on mutual trust and respect?

The Quran clearly describe the gender paradigm in Islam by not by only acknowledging these differences but also offer a harmonious way to reconcile these differences. In verse 187 of Surah Al-Baqarah, Allah s.w.t. describes, “…your wives are garments to you and you are garments to them…”. Indeed, men and women are created to complete one another through developing the atmosphere of love and respect. They are helpers and protectors to one another. The relationship established between men and women through marriage is ideally to provide the source of comfort for both, just as the clothes provide comfort to the individuals. The Quran then elucidates that indeed the best garment is Taqwa (Quran 7:26).

Rosli Abdul Samad graduated from the RMIT University, with a Degree with Distinction in Business Administration. He later obtained his Masters in Training and Development from Griffith University of Queensland, Australia; securing the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence.

He is currently the Executive Director for Training and Development in Learning Strategists Pte Ltd. As Programme Designer, Developer and Master Trainer, he has conducted training courses in the areas of communication skills, project management, productivity and quality improvement, change management, learning organisation, group dynamics, self-motivation, time management, and parenting styles.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF), Rosli regularly conducts workshops pertaining to Marriage Preparation. He specializes in 2 communications-related modules. For the past 6 years, he has conducted these workshops over many mosques and community centres around Singapore.


Ustazah Nurhannah Irwan is passionate speaker on issues of gender from the perspective of Islam. She graduated with Masters in Distinction in Gender Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, United Kingdom. Prior to her post-graduate education, she received her Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology in the National University of Singapore.

She had earlier attended Madrasah Al-Maarif Al-Islamiah and Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah for her primary to pre-university education. During her madrasah days, she was an active debater and clinched best speaker award that paved way for her to represent Singapore.

She is also a very active volunteer. She has served as committee member for the APEX (Ace PSLE exams), a voluntary organisation that works with the madrasahs to provide weekly assistance to students taking PSLE.

She is currently serving her scholarship bond at the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and is attached to the Office of the Mufti.





Date: Saturday, 14 December 2013,
Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm

Auditorium, Civil Service Club,
60 Tessensohn Road, S(217664)
(5 mins walk from Farrer Park MRT)

Fees: $30 per pax. $50 for two pax
Tickets are limited to 188 pax

* Notes and Light Refreshments will be provided.

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Auditorium, Civil Service Club

Auditorium, Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road, S(217664)



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Rosli Abdul Samad

Rosli Abdul Samad graduated from the RMIT University, with a Degree with Distinction in Business Adm...

Ustazah Nurhannah Irwan

Ustazah Nurhannah Irwan is passionate speaker on issues of gender from the perspective of Islam. She...


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