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Seekers Circle | The Prophetic Model of Leadership, Service and Activism

[Event has ended]
Kampung Lonek Homestay, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Seekers Circle (KL), Seekers Circle (SG)

retreat, leadership in islam

Fees: from RM150 (see registration page for more details)

Seekers Circle Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is pleased to invite you to...

A 3-Day Retreat to explore the important question of how do we follow the Prophetic model of leadership, service and activism.

Weekend Retreat with Imam Afroz Ali: Servant Leadership 2.0++
18 - 20 October 2013, Kampung Lonek Homestay, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Are you a student of knowledge who strives to translate that knowledge into action, in servitude to others for the sake of Allah? Join us for a weekend retreat away from the hustle bustle of the city, to experience an awakening of the heart to the ultimate concern, to reflect on the teachings surrounded by the beauty of nature, and to discuss the topic of Servant Leadership with Imam Afroz Ali, Managing Director of SeekersGuidance ( and Founder and President of Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences & Human Development ( based in Sydney, Australia. [Please see for more on Imam Afroz Ali.]

Servant-leaders are transformational leaders who actively foster collaboration by serving others. The Servant Leader always pursues the welfare of others before themselves, placing others before himself, and guiding people towards good. This topic has always been close to Imam Afroz Ali's heart and he has delivered various talks here in Malaysia and Singapore on different aspects of Servant Leadership. This special weekend retreat with Imam Afroz Ali will delve deeper into this subject and guide us towards a richer understanding and appreciation of the prophetic and sacred approaches of being a Servant Leader. For a preview on the topic, see

The Weekend Retreat is designed to ensure everyone who attends it leaves it with a courage and empowerment, motivated towards positive change, individually and collectively. The central theme of this Weekend Retreat is based on this verse from the Holy Qur'an:

"For, true servants of the Most Gracious are only they who walk gently on earth and who, whenever the foolish address them, reply with words of peace."
(al-Furqan (25): 63)

To register, please visit
For more information and queries, please write to us at: [email protected].

Some quick points about Kampung Lonek:
a traditional village that is surrounded by padi fields and orchards,
tasty traditional food cooked with fresh ingredients,
friendly folks who are eveready to share their culture with others,
a great place to bring the children to experience nature,
scenic views from the kampung, and
various activities to be done here..


Seekers Circle (KL), Seekers Circle (SG)


Imam Afroz Ali

Managing Director, Seekers Guidance Founder & President, Al-Ghazzali Centre (http://seekersguidanc...


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