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Ramadhan Food Drive 2013

[Event has ended]
Sun, 14 July 2013, 10am to 2pm | English
Blk 111 Lengkong Tiga, Kembangan
Azan Tengku


Ramadhan is a special time of year -- a time when Muslims take a step back from our daily routines and focus on not only fasting and cleansing our spiritual self, but also sharing and giving back to the community through acts of kindness and charity. After all, giving and sharing is very much an ibadah. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was the most generous of people, and even more so during Ramadhan. How can we do our part?? How can we follow our Rasul's footsteps? How would you like your memories of Ramadhan to be like this year?

YOU! This Ramadhan, let's repeat history and give back more to those less fortunate. Last Ramadhan a group of us came up with the idea of organizing a Ramadhan Food Drive, in the true spirits of giving and community building aka “gotong royong”. We were amazed and truly heartened by the response and the spirit of "gotong royong' that was fostered! From shopping together and rescuing each other from vehicle breakdowns, to responding instantly on delivery requests, it was such an amazing experience! We hope to have as much fun and memories this time round- getting to know more people and lighting up more faces, also not to mention to reap the benefits of our small efforts.

The drive is for the first two weekends of Ramadhan. Food hampers will be delivered during these two weekends.

We have come out with a list of items which will be included in each hamper for each beneficiary family. The total for all these items are about $80 (including meat/chicken voucher). The items are:
1)5kg Rice
2) 5l Cooking Oil
3) 2kg sugar
4) 1kg Milo refill pack
5) 2 tins of sweetened creamer
6) 500 ml coconut milk
7) instant ketupat mini
8) instant sambal sate
9) instant rendang paste
10) 1 pack rice vermicelli
11) 1 box chipsahoy
12) 1 roll oreo cookies
13) 1 roll Ritz crackers
14) 1 pack cream crackers
15) 2 tins canned fruit
16) 1 bottle fruit punch cordial
17) 1 tin canned sardine
18) plastic basket/container to put in all food items
On top of these dry food items, we will also provide each family a coupon which entitles them to redeem 1 kg of beef ($8.00) and 1 kg of chicken wings ($4.30) from ZAC BUTCHERY (331 Changi Road Singapore) on the eve of Eid. The idea is for them to be able to cook their own home cooked Raya dish and enjoy it with their family.

There are many ways to contribute in this food drive. We wish to keep this drive as friendly and easy as possible for all to participate in. Every effort on your part is highly appreciated and sought after.
1) If you prefer to donate via monetary means, drop us a message on the wall/PM and we will get back to you.
2) Young & old, energetic and strong and would love to be part of the delivery to the beneficiary homes? Come and join us in the next coming Ramadhan weekends! In true spirit of gotong royong, the more the merrier!
3) We also encourage you to do this as a family- good opportunity to bond and also to teach the little ones the value of giving and sharing. So what you can do is, shop on your own, according to the list above, pack it at our venue (TBC) and collect the meat vouchers from us. You will provide the option of reimbursing your purchase with our collected funds, or consider your shopping part of your donation.

To reap the benefits of this blessed month of Ramadhan! May this be the beginning for us in building the spirit of giving and community building which we hope will continue even after Ramadhan. Let's all come together and help one another. May Allah bless and ease us all for our intentions and deeds. Amin!


Date: Sunday, July 14, 2013
Time: 10:00am until 2:00pm
Venue: Blk 111 Lengkong Tiga, Kembangan (void deck)

Email to [email protected] for more info or visit their FB page >>


Blk 111 Lengkong Tiga, Kembangan

Blk 111 Lengkong Tiga, Kembangan


Azan Tengku


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