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5 Oct 2023 - 19 RabiulAwwal 1445 Ishak 20:05 Subuh 5:34
5 Oct 2023 - 19 RabiulAwwal 1445 | Subuh 5:34 | Syuruk 6:51 | Zuhur 12:55 | Asar 16:04 | Maghrib 18:56 | Ishak 20:05
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Arrijal IHSAN 2013 for Operation Tu Thien

[Event has ended]

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In conjunction with our Oversea Project: Operation Tu Thien::=-

Arrijal Al-Istiqamah is raising fund to support our upcoming humanitarian project in VIETNAM during the JUNE holidays.

Attend a whole day event of Ceramah, Selawat & Workshops

- Sign up for "Mandikan Jenazah" workshop!

Arrijal: Al-Istiqamah Mosque Youth Wing

”Tu Thien” is the Vietnamese word for humanity and this is the word that the committee has decided to name the expedition project for the year 2013. It is a project whereby participants mainly youth, will experience and engage in humanitarian project for the people of Vietnam. They will be experiencing exchange of socio-culture with the youths in Vietnam. The expedition program will be executed within the time frame of 9th to 16th June 2013.


Al-Istiqamah Mosque

2 Serangoon North Avenue 2, Singapore 555876


Masjid Al-Istiqamah (Mosque)

Al Istiqamah Mosque is the second mosque to be built under Phase 3 of the Mosque Building Fund Proje...


Ustazah Habsah Senin, Didi Cazli, Ustaz Badlishah Alauddin, Ustaz Mohd Farhan Nordin
Ustaz Azmi Abdul Samad

Ustaz Azmi graduated from the Islamic University of Medina where he obtained his BA in Syariah (Isla...

Ustaz Muhammad Zahid Muhd Zain

Ustaz Muhammad Zahid Muhd Zain received his primary education in Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiyah up t...


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