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Best Generation Revived 2

[Event has ended]

Date: 18 November 2012 (Sunday)
Time: (845am-1pm)
Registration starts at 845am
Venue: Biopolis Auditorium, Matrix @ Level 2
(North Buona Vista Road) 480 Seatings

Admission: FREE !!

Register online now: or

SMS: ' to 9170 1870

'Best Generation Revived!' is one of the serial signature events aimed at motivating our youths and instill great realisation to their vital role as the cornerstone of our religion, nation and society. With Dr Danial shedding light on the Companions virtues, contributions and achievements, we hope that it will motivate our youth to emulate them as icons in upholding the AdDeen and its practices'

In 2011 Youth Awakening Project Team organised 'Best Generation Revive!'; which aimed to motivate Muslim youths with introducing them to the Companions of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and their great contributions throughout the world. The event will targeted youths age 13 years and above. We have invited Ustaz Kamal Mokhtar, Ustaz Taufiq Radja Nurul Bahri & Ustaz Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri. The event successfully attracted almost 300 participants!

We are pleased and committed to organise 'Best Generation Revive 2!' as a continuation to the talk in the previous year which focus on the topic on Companions of Prophet Muhammad Muhammas (PBUH) who contribute greatly to the success of the Ummah during time.

This year topic focuses in depth the stories and contributions of Companions such as Abu ‘Ubaidah Ibn Al Jarrah, ‘Ikrimah Ibn Abi Jahal, Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqqas, ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abas and ‘Aisyah Bint Abi Bakr and hope it will motivate us to be better Muslims who could contribute to the success of the Ummah.

With Dr Danial shedding lights on the Companions virtue, contributions and achievements, we hope it will motivate our youths to emulate them as icons in upholding the name of Islam and its practices.

Admission is FREE and do Click 'Attending' or 'Maybe Attending' for more updates and info.

You may also contact our hotline at 91701870 for enquiries pertaining to registration and the seminar.

If you want to donate, sponsor or volunteer for the event do contact Bro Nazmi directly at 96994161.


Biopolis Auditorium, Matrix @ Level 2 (North Buona Vista Road)



30 Biopolis Street, Singapore 138671


Pemuda Muhammadiyah


Dr Danial Zainal Abidin

Member of Malaysian Medical Council University of Alexandria, Faculty of Medicine, Egypt, M.B.CH.B...


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