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Grand Maulid Convoy 2012 For Muslimin Bikers

[Event has ended]
Sun, 4 March 2012, 7am | Malay
Kallang Leisure Park
Solidarity Brothers

Fees: See details

It's not about having fun riding as a big group, It's about showing our love to our beloved Rasulullah S.A.W. Please Read full detail below.

To show our love for him, first of all we have to try our very best to follow his Ahklak.
So we hope u guys can follow strictly to the rules set by the commitee. (FAQ provided)

1) This convoy is mend for Muslimin riders only.
2) No female pillion is allowed.
3) No reviving of the bike loudly.
4) No horning without valid reason.
5) Follow the speed of the convoy and do not overtake carelessly.
6) Follow trafic rules.
7) Most important of all do follow tightly on our Islamic rules.

Thank you for your full cooperation.


Available Bike Stickers for a pair at S$5
Available Flags at RM15 - (To be exact latest currency conversion is about SGD$6.25)


Why are we so strict regarding the discipline?

As we are bringing Syiar Islam along with us, we would like to be presentable not only to the eyes but also spiritually.

Where to meet and What time?

All muslimin bikers will be meeting at Kallang Leisure Park at 7am, we will be moving off before 7 30am.

What about those staying geographically close towards Woodlands Stadium?

Those staying at the north you guys can meet at Admiralty Road West opposite Sakura big open carpark around 8am.

You guys gonna join in the convoy and we all together with the cars gonna convoy to Woodlands Stadium.
At Woodlands Stadium is where gonna have our Grand Maulid.
The Grand Maulid is the most important part of the event.

Why Muslimahs not allowed within Convoy?
We would like to apologise to all Muslimah Riders.
With respects to the Maulid Event, we would like to avoid basely reasons like mahram.
Furthermore, we do not have the capacity to have guidance for the muslimah within the convoy.
We would like to encourage more muslimins and avoid the mix with the muslimahs within the convoy. Muslimahs are most welcome to join by going straight to Woodlands Stadium. :)

What if it is Muslimah Pillion?
If there are muslimah riders or muslimah pillions during the meet up, both are required to go straight to the Woodlands Stadium and avoid being part of the convoy.

Jazza Kalla Hu Khairan.

Any enquiries visit the site below for more details:


Kallang Leisure Park

5 Stadium Walk (S)397693


Solidarity Brothers


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