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22 Feb 2024 - 12 Syaaban 1445 Maghrib 19:21 Ishak 20:31
22 Feb 2024 - 12 Syaaban 1445 | Subuh 5:58 | Syuruk 7:16 | Zuhur 13:20 | Asar 16:35 | Maghrib 19:21 | Ishak 20:31
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B.G.R. Best of Generations Revived (Guest Speaker: Dr Danial Zainal Abidin)

[Event has ended]

A youth is in a period of life whereby he possesses the optimum mental and physical capacity to do and undertake whatever one desires. The quest and hunger for challenges characterise their formidable determination. Nevertheless, how can we take advantage of this behaviour, then to divert and channel it to synergise activities that is good in the Sight of Allah SWT?

Are there suitable approaches out there to introduce the Youths to the prolific characters of the noble Companions of the Prophet SAW?

Thalhah Bin ‘Ubaidillah, Az-Zubair Bin Al-‘Awwam, ‘Abdurrahman Bin ‘Auf, Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas, Sa'id bin Zaid, ‘Abdul Ubaidah Ibnul Jarrah were amongst those who qualify to be excellent role models to the Youths of today. Companions who were Youths of the GOLDEN era like Usama bin Zaid who fought alongside with the Prophet during the war, would definitely pose a great reflection of the dynamism of Youths in Islam.

Muslims need to look into developing its human resources to specialise in fields like Medicine, Engineering, the Science & realise that they play a crucial role in contributing to the development & revival of the Muslim Ummah.

This Youth Talk "Youth Awakening Project! Best Generations Revived (BGR)" aims to introduce and highlight the dynamic characters of the Companions that would inspire youth to greater heights.




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Dr Danial Zainal Abidin

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