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Manners Makeover Workshop for Wives

[Event has ended]
Fri, 14 October 2011, 7:30 - 10:00 pm | English
Project Spirituality


Fees: $197

"Maturity means that one is no more a romantic fool.
One understands life, one understands the responsibility of life,
one understands the problems of being together with a person.

One accepts all those difficulties and yet decides to live together.
One is not hoping that there is only going to be heaven, all roses.
One is not hoping nonsense; one knows reality is tough. It is rough.
There are roses, but far and few in between; there are many thorns."

~ ~ ~

If you are a wife who is mature enough to go beyond "I love you",
this workshop is for you.

~ ~ ~

Let's together discover:

—► How to obey and respect your husband without being a doormat

—► How much your tone of voice and facial expressions matter

—► How to listen for unspoken fears/concerns/moods/aspirations

—► The power of surprises

—► What to do when Mount Anger erupts

—► Bridges you don't want to cross

—► How to resolve disagreements

—► The superglue that holds a relationship together

.. and much much more!


—► Anniversary gift ideas - different one each year until the 75th anniversary (if you live that long, that is)!

—► House chores questionnaire to share with your husband!

.. and we'll throw in more along the way!


Day and Time:
October 14, 21 & 28
7:30 -10:00 pm

Level 2, Multi-Purpose Hall
Muhajirin Mosque

Maimunah Alhabshi

Course Fee:

*Early Bird Promotion*
Get 25% discount if you register and make payment before September 15th!! (Pay only $147.75!)

How to Register:

Please proceed to

~ To qualify for the Early Bird Discount, payment has to be made before September 15th, 2011.

How To Make Payment:

Payments to be made via online/ATM bank transfer with details as follow:

Account No: 112-38637-8
Account Type: POSB Savings


Upon completion of the transaction, please send an e-mail to [email protected] indicating:

1. Name of the course/workshop you are attending.
2. Your full name.
3. The amount transferred.
4. Transaction reference number.
5. Transaction date.
6. Your contact number.

Towards living a life of good manners!

See you there, beautiful wives! :-)

Project Spirituality Team
[email protected]


Muhajirin Mosque

275 Braddell Road, Singapore 579704


Project Spirituality


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