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Ramadhan: Choosing to Be Remarkable

[Event has ended]
Sat, 23 July 2011, 7.45pm | English
Landmark Village Hotel ( Formerly Known as Golden Landmark Hotel)

talk, ramadhan, mindset and attitude

Fees: $12 | $8 (Students)

Ramadhan comes and goes every year. And each time, most Muslims would approach this sacred month by setting new goals to try and outdo their previous achievements from past years in the size and quantity of their deeds as well as in their personal contributions.

Scholars in the past used to spend the whole 6 months prior to Ramadhan praying to Allah for the chance to meet with it. And once the month has left them, they would pray for all of their deeds to be accepted by Allah in the remaining half of the year.

So here are some questions for our our own honest reflections:

Have you been looking forward to the grand arrival of Ramadhan?

Do you feel a sense of excitement and eagerness to get a chance to seek Allah's endless mercy in hopes for His forgiveness? And to perform as many good deeds knowing that He's ready to multiply the rewards generously in multiple folds due to His unmatched quality of being the Most Compassionate and the Most Giving?

What is your goal for this coming Ramadhan? And how are they bigger than those of previous years?

Do you see Ramadhan as a seasonal feel-good month? Is Ramadhan a time for temporary change because it just feels right? Or will it be the catalyst for positive permanent change in the months and years ahead?

And what does it really mean to be a "remarkable Muslim" - worthy of Allah's abundant favours and eternal Paradise?


Join Ustaz Muhammad Tarmizi Abdul Wahid (the founder of Safinah) in this inspirational talk on how to greet this year's Ramadhan with the right mindset and a positive attitude to ensure that it will indeed be the most remarkable experience of your life.

Seats are limited. Latest update: 2/3 of seats have been booked.


Below are the details.


Fee: $12 per person | $8 for students

The amount can be transferred to POSB Savings Account No. 126-61417-9

This can be done after submitting the registration form on the following page (copy and past this link on your browser):

Kindly text us your name and payment details to 9437 1742 once you have made the transfer.

Location: Landmark Village Hotel

Time: 7.45pm

*Maghrib prayers can be made at the nearby mosque - Darul Aman - or at the venue of the talk. We would advice that you come to the event prepared with wudhu' (ablution).

For enquiries, you may drop us a message below and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you

Looking forward to seeing you there.

God bless | BarakAllahu Feekum

Safinah Institute


Landmark Village Hotel ( Formerly Known as Golden Landmark Hotel)

390 Victoria Street, Singapore 188061



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