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7 Dec 2022 - 12 JamadulAwal 1444 Asar 16:22 Maghrib 18:58
7 Dec 2022 - 12 JamadulAwal 1444 | Subuh 5:32 | Syuruk 6:55 | Zuhur 12:58 | Asar 16:22 | Maghrib 18:58 | Ishak 20:13
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Broadcasting live on 12 July 2011

Soul Connection ~ Secrets to Living Life with Purpose, Passion & Prosperity

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Tue, 12 July 2011, 7.30pm to 10.30pm | English
Learning Discoveries, IslamicEvents.SG

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There are many Beautiful Souls wandering around,

Wounded, In Pain, Bleeding,

Seeking, Searching,

Asking, Pleading,

Seeking Purpose, Meaning & True Connection with another
Soul & the Creator of all Souls

Are you Such? Shall we Meet Souls? :)

Do you have moments in your life where you asked

---► Why is Life so Unfair?

---► Why does this Have to Happen to Me?

---► Why do I attract people who make me Feel like a Loser?

---► Why is it so hard to Love myself?

---► Why is Forgiveness so easy to say, yet so hard to Apply?

---► How do I Forgive those who have hurt me deep?

You see, I've been through many Life Moments that made
me question Life...

As a Child & Teen Victim of Molest - I learn not to Trust Men

Being in a Relationship, I was Physically Abused, Kicked, Punched,
Pulled by the Hair, Broke a Tooth ~ I learn that I am Worthless

I was married and Divorced
~ In that process I learn I am not worthy of Love
~ In that I learn I am a Useless & Lousy Mother

*To place on record, my ex husband is a very nice man and we remain good friends to date. The act of physical abuse is NOT from my marriage but from a relationship I had in the past.

I was remarried to a man who loved me dearly ~ Yet I could
not accept his Love & Pushed him away all the time ~

I started a Business ~ I lost it all $80,000 ~ I was cheated off
$30,000 by my own staff ~ I cried and re-started again

I re-started my biz, made my 1st Million in business, and lost it
all again ~ I went Broke close to Bankruptcy

~ In that I felt I like the Biggest Loser, a Disappointment to
my own Life

Many moments I cried, not knowing Who I Really was

Wretched in Pain, as I cannot Live with myself

Leaving this World has always been an Option for I can No
Longer stand the Pain of Living with my Own Self whom I
don't Understand

I Believed I am not Worthy of Love

I Believed I am a Sinner, blackened by all my worst deeds

I Believed I am not Deserving of all Good things in Life...

In such moments, I've always asked

~ Why is Life so Unfair?

~ Why does this Have to Happen to Me?

~ Why do I attract people who make me Feel like a Loser?

~ Why is it so hard to Love myself?

~ Why is Forgiveness so easy to say, yet so hard to Apply?

~ How do I Forgive those who have hurt me deep?

In my deepest darkest moments, I Broke Down to my Lowest Points...

I searched and attended every possible Self Help Courses....

Spent Tens of Thousands with Self Help Gurus


Money & You to Understand Money & Most Importantly Me

Anthony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within"
& Walked on Fire

T Harv Eker Quantum Leap - All the Millionaire
Mindset & Millionaire Training

Paid $30,000 to learn from the Acclaimed Best Modern
Motivation Guru with Bob Proctor

Attended Asia Works, the WHOLE Works!

Flew to the US, trained by the Masters in Business, Marketing
& Mindset ...

and many many more....

Yet something was still missing....

I kept on searching ...seeking deeper...

~ What is the meaning of Life?

~ What Do I Really Want?

~ Why Am I here For?

~ What is the Meaning of Life?

~ What is Truly Important to Me?

~ Where am I now?

~ How do I Get to Where I want to Be?


2010 & 2011 the Year of Breakthrough ...

Fast forward...

I am still Alive...

By Allah's Grace, He Turned it all around...

~ My Business started flourishing growing from one country to

~ I found my Heart to Love again, to Live again

~ I found the True Piece that was missing in my Life...

~ I'm Living the Life I've always dreamt of living, To Empower
Other Women to Be Financially Stable & Live Life Empowered
in all areas of their life


---► Have you ever felt as though your life is somewhat

---► Do you ever feel like you are destined to be more, yet aimless,
lost, not knowing which direction to take?

---► Do you Dream of Creating a Big Impact, Serving More
People with your Passion, Skills & Talents ~ Help More & Earn
More - But not sure how to start?

---► Does it ever seem as though the days, months and
even years are just flying by while you remain feeling

---► Do you ever notice people who seem to have everything
they desire with what seems like little or no effort at all?

You can Achieve BREAKTHROUGH in Your Life...

Not Alone, but Together, Guided, Coached ...



I invite you to as I share from my life experience
with my special Guest speaker Ustaz Noor Deros

Open Your Heart too, So you May Live Life with Purpose, Passion
& True Prosperity...

Join me Weekly, with my Special Invited Guest Speaker, Weekly

Where you Discover How to

---► Unlock the Secrets to Living the Life that you are
Meant to Live

---► Unlock Your Inner True Potential

---► Remove the Blocks in your Life that has been
Sabotaging your Life

---► Identify & Clear the Virus in your Mind that has been
Pulling you Down & Keep you from ever succeeding

---► Break away from Self Sabotage & Live with Full Confidence

---► Turn Your Financial Life around from Broke to Bliss!

Imagine, breaking Free Once & For all...

This Powerful Model is Authentic and you're not going to
believe how much Freedom, Peace & Confidence you experience
as a Result of Coaching you through it

Housewives, Men Women, Professionals,

Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Success Seekers, Parents, Teachers

Anyone who wants to learn how to be Achieve Success &
Living a Life Full of Happiness, Peace


Next session 5th July, Tuesday
6.30pm - 11pm
Venue: Blk 502 Jurong West Ave 1 #03-817 Singapore 640502

FREE for 1st Timers to attend 1st Session for FREE



Tuesday 12th July
Masjid Sultan Auditorium
7.30pm - 10.30pm

*OPEN to 400 participants *

FREE Admission

SMS 8126 7755

♥ Loving Abundance,
Suria Mohd


"It was really mind-blogging and mind-blowing Beyond Wealth & Mindset Breakthrough Secrets - Success Weekly Coaching session... paradigm shifts in so many angles, reconstructing.. Masya-Allah!" ~ Ashikin A Ghani

"A dream come true to be in that class where the lessons are holistic. The lessons are beyond classroom teachings. :)" ~ Idamurni Jamari

"It was really an eye-opener, mind-boggling, mind-blowing session Beyond Wealth" Shakynza Littlebigminds

"I'm speechless .. I'm unsure of what to make out of the beneficial holistic entrepreneur wkly class that I have just attended. :,( My classmates felt it too. I shall journal this feeling as my take-away. God blessed the effort of Mdm Suria Mohd and Ustaz Noor Deros. This is definitely not A FEEL GOOD, FEEL SAINT event" ~ Mas Faizal

"Indeed it was Super Powerful! You nailed it, Sis. Alhamdulillah. Compressed in good 4 hours. I recommend this weekly coaching to just anyone who seek Success the Islamic Way, insya Allah, the blessed path" ~ Emmeff Beau

"Yesterday n the past few sessions was an eye opener for us..." ~ Makecik Bee

"Mind Blowing n Paradigm Shifting.Once you attend this program your life will never be the same ever again. This is my personal experience from attending this powerful program :) " ~ Saera Wee


From $200 to $45000 within a month after starting the coaching program ~ Mas Founder of Emmeff Beau

From $300 to $96,000 in 10 months ~ Roszilah M Nor Founder of Heiraz Bakery

From Housewife to Featured in the Papers, Launching a book & Becoming a Public Speaker, Zero to $2000 a month ~ Aminah Narom, Home Based Mom Entrepreneur


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Sultan Mosque, Auditorium

3 Muscat Street, Singapore 198833


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