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Gelora Remaja - Sekilas Pelangi

[Event has ended]
Sat, 5 March 2011, 2.00pm | Malay
Furama City Center
Ain Society
Hj Md Yusof Ismail, Wardina Safiyyah, Rilla Melati

talk, parenting, understanding teenagers

Fees: $30 (subsequent $20)

In light of the recent worrying trends of youth gangsterism, child abuse and teenage pregnancy, it is observed that many of these social problems stem from the lack of proper upbringing of children in the family. The trend also shows that these problems do not exclusively happen to dysfunctional families, but to intact families as well.

Parenting should be seen and regarded on a continuum, beginning from early childhood up to young adulthood. Most often, parents are left unprepared on the changes that they need to expect in certain points or transition of their children's stage of life.

For parents of young children, the talk is hoped to address the importance of inculcating positive values in a positive environment for their kids. It is also targeted at teenage parents who, apart from facing the challenges of bringing up a young child, will also need to handle their life transition as a young adult.

As for parents of teenagers, the talk is hoped to address on the importance of understanding the changes their teenage children are going through and the stance that they need to take as parents in dealing with them, as well as identifying the parenting ‘glitch' that may have occurred and ways to rectify it.


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Furama City Center

60 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059804


Ain Society


Hj Md Yusof Ismail, Wardina Safiyyah, Rilla Melati


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