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28 Jan 2022 - 25 JamadulAkhir 1443 Asar 16:41 Maghrib 19:20
28 Jan 2022 - 25 JamadulAkhir 1443 | Subuh 5:56 | Syuruk 7:16 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:41 | Maghrib 19:20 | Ishak 20:32
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Muslim Women Success Seminar

[Event has ended]

Salam Beloved ladies,

Do you wonder and wish for Success?
Have you always dreamt of what it would be like to be Successful, Achieve the Freedom you want, Leading an Inspired, Meaningful & Financially Free Life?

Do you wonder...
Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, LKY - what do these ORDINARY human beings Turned EXTA-ORDINARY have in common?

Have you seen how People buy their books and subscribe to their blogs, and TV channels & adopt their philosophies in life?


What sort of an impact will that be if we have a Successful Muslim/Muslimah figure who holds such positive influence and thus command world attention - who then will be exposed to the Islamic Philosophies and possibly embrace Islam?

Imagine the unstoppable force we have to Shake the world NOT with violence but with the Best Light of Islam ....

SHINE our Light of PEACE & SUCCESS to be the Best we can be in all areas of our life..

The day will come and the moment is NOW...

Join us as we celebrate Icons of Successful Women who has started the Flame of Glory, the Rise of a Golden Era .....

Women who against all odds has Lived their Lives with Passion, Purpose... Who Shares their gifts to the world in Meaningful & Inspired ways...

Are you ready to Shine as a Muslim Woman who Strives to be Financially Free, Inspire to Grow, Lead your family by Example & Pursue Success with Purpose?

In the 1st ever Muslim Women Success Seminar...


Imagine Leaping into 2011 with Increased Faith & Success

Surrounded by Positive Energy Inspired Energy & Momentum to Create a Glorious Life in 2011 and beyond...

Creating Balance in Career, Family & Life as a Successful Muslim Woman

~ Do you feel pulled in all directions as you juggle your daily life trying to balance your Life, Your Family & Your Kids?
- Ever feel like you want to Scream your heart out feeling overwhelmed with all the rush in your life?

~ Learn the Simple Path to Managing & Balancing your Time & life as a Muslim Women fulfilling life as a mother, wife, daughter, career woman, entrepreneur and many other roles while keeping your duty to Allah

~ How to Attract Love & Respect using a Process that will completely liberate you as a Muslim Woman Living in a Global Culture & Society

Sister Murshidah Said
Entrepreneur, Trainer & Motivational Speaker, Love and Respect advocator, Resident Motivational Speaker on Malaysian TV, mom and wife, sister and friend.

Building unshakable trust and unwavering faith in the face of adversities

- Have you tried everything yet still feel unsuccessful?
- Are your problems in life blocking you from Achieving your True Success & making you lose your self confidence & esteem?

~ Discover the Ultimate Formula to Success &Unshakable Confidence never been taught in school!
~ Learn Powerful Lessons from the Most Successful Muslim Women in Islamic History
- How to be a Successful & Confident Muslim Woman using a Proven Formula

Brother/ Ustaz Tarmizi Wahid
An Entrepreneur, Spiritual Leader, Trainer & Motivational Speaker
CEO of Vocal Point, Safinah and Founder of Spiritual Confidence
Graduate from Al-Azhar University in Islamic Jurisprudence

~ Do you feel drained and Empty in life constantly searching for the True Meaning of Purpose?

Are you burnt out in the madness of the rat race in the struggle to pursue Success?

Discover the True Meaning of Success that will make you feel at Peace, Full of Joy and Fulfilled...

~ 7 Secrets of Spiritual Success in the World & Hereafter
~ True Meaning of Ultimate Success - The answer may Surprise you
~ The #1 Reason stopping you Achieving True Success in Life

Sister/Ustazah Muna Alhabshi
Entrepreneur, an educator and a speaker in language acquisition, religion, spirituality and personal growth.
CEO of Project Spirituality, Founder of Semantics Online, Quranabic, Soul Makeover and Manners Makeover.
Graduate from al-Azhar University, majoring in Arabic Language and Literature


Date: Saturday, 29th Jan 2011
Time: 1.30pm - 7pm ( With Prayer break)
*Registration starts at 12.30pm*
Venue: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-161/163, Suntec City Mall - Tower 5 Singapore 038983 ( near POSB Bank )

$45 Per person

**LIMITED to ONLY 150 Seats**

Register here


Suntec City

3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-161/163, Suntec City Mall - Tower 5 Singapore 038983 ( near POSB Bank )


WOW Academy


Ustaz Tarmizi Wahid

Upon completing his pre-university studies at Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, he took a Diploma in Is...

Murshidah Said

Murshidah Said is an international speaker and adviser of personal transformation, grooming, corpora...


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