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3 Jun 2023 - 14 Zulqaeda 1444 Ishak 20:24 Subuh 5:34
3 Jun 2023 - 14 Zulqaeda 1444 | Subuh 5:34 | Syuruk 6:58 | Zuhur 13:05 | Asar 16:29 | Maghrib 19:09 | Ishak 20:24
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My Journey to Space - An Inspirational Story

[Event has ended]

Believing in yourself, eliminating negative thought patterns and having self confidence to achieve your long term dreams against whatever odds is the message Malaysia's first astronaut, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie will be sharing.

There are no mountains too high that can't be conquered, or in his case no deep space that is out of reach as he will share his success story and offer powerful advices on how achieving your dreams, whatever they may be, is possible with hard work and determination.

Dr Sheikh will also be sharing on how he prays and fasts in outer space! There will be Questions & Answers session after his talk.


Venue: SMU, School of Economics Rm 5.1

Don't miss this chance to get upclose and personal with the astronaut himself!

Get your tickets NOW, seats are limited. Seats are confirmed only once payment is made and acknowledged.

SMS TO 90704615 (TEEYA) for payment details or visit NOW.


Singapore Management University (SMU) - School of Economics

50 Stamford Road, Singapore 178899


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