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22 Mar 2023 - 29 Syaaban 1444 Maghrib 19:15 Ishak 20:24
22 Mar 2023 - 29 Syaaban 1444 | Subuh 5:52 | Syuruk 7:09 | Zuhur 13:13 | Asar 16:13 | Maghrib 19:15 | Ishak 20:24
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Forum Pra-Ramadhan : Hukum, Fadhilat & Adabnya.

[Event has ended]

Untuk mereka yang hendak mengetahui hukum² puasa dengan lebih luas serta mudah difaham oleh orang² kebanyakkan, insya-Allah.

Selain dari itu, tujuannya lagi, ialah memberikan penjelasan kepada masyarakat Islam tentang betapa besarnya kelebihan Islam dan ibadah puasa didalam bulan Ramadhan sendiri, yang mana ia adalah mudah untuk diamalkan dan bukan merumitkan.

Diharapkan, dengan adanya forum ini, ilmu² yang diberikan dapat menjadi semangat bagi kita untuk berlumba² bagi menambahkan “Pahala Amal Jariah Yang Berterusan” dengan amalan yang tidak memberatkan dan tidak menganggu tugas seharian kita tetapi mendapat ganjaran dan pahala yang berlimpah ganda dan dengan sebab ini, diletakkan kita di tempat yang tertinggi di dalam Syurga, yang mana ia adalah akhir kemenangan yang tiada tolok bandingnya.


Tradisi Halaqah : Reviving The Learning Experience of The Pious


Tradisi Halaqah is an educational centre, under a registered non-profit, charity organisation Badan Agama & Pelajran Radin Mas [BAPA - ROS Reg No 0272/1958], founded by people committed to reviving time-tested methods of educating and transforming human beings. We at the Tradisi Halaqah aim to teach the tools individuals need in order to live lives of guidance and obedience to the sacred order and to restore broad-based pluralistic and true scholarship to its proper place as a 1st priority of Muslims.

Another very special value of Tradisi Halaqah is that every knowledge are transmitted in a way that stand the test of time, it is “isnad”, or sound and verifiable links that stitches each generation of believers to the preceding one all the way back to the Blessed Messenger SAW.

"Isnad" is the secret of this Ummah and a gift from Allah. Without "isnad", the entire tradition could very well collapse. The system of ijazah (teaching licenses) is intricately linked to isnad in that one takes his knowledge from noble men and women who took their knowledge from those who took their knowledge from those….all the way back to that model community and to the blessed Messenger himself, whose knowledge, without a shadow of doubt, came from the Lord of the Divine Throne through his messenger, the angel Gibril, upon him be peace.

There is a tested and established tradition aimed at preserving and transmitting sacred knowledge within the overall tradition of Islam. We recognize its validity and importance today especially when the "sacred" has been demoted to an inferior position in our modern educational system.

Tradisi Halaqah and it's asatizah have dedicated themselves to preserving and re-establishing the traditional educational method of teaching the Islamic sacred sciences to the present generation.We hope to be an active promoter for the attributes of the Singapore Muslim Excellence and be a model to the community at-large and contribute significantly to Singapore.


Halaqah courses - to preserve the knowledge and science of Islam, we offer courses, with the curriculum inspired from the classical texts of our pious salafussoleh and ulama'.

Imam Hafs Quranic School - traditionally, in Islamic societies, the first education that children received was memorizing the Quran. In an effort to revive and preserve this tradition, we wish to start the Imam Hafs School of Quran Memorization. The focus of this school is to install in our children and youth love of the Quran as well as inculcate self-discipline and respect for the chivalrous characteristics of the Muslims of the past. We provide instruction in the memorization of Quran. We pray that implementation of this sunnah will add barakah to all our lives and lessen some of the hardships being endured by the ummah.

Islamic counselling - we provide a counselling service (we aim to work closely with PPIS Family Centre and other self-help groups) and spiritual remedies which helps individuals to resolve issues or reach goals, Insya'Allah. This service specialises in working with the community who can in complete confidence talk to a Muslim Counselor in an Islamic environment about all kinds of matters. We believe that ultimate peace comes from trusting in Allah SWT. Our counseling service believes that insya'Allah through our counselors we can enable individuals to find peace by helping them to work through problems and issues. Some issues that Tradisi Halaqah wants to talk about are religious enquiries, bullying, difficulties in relationship, culture clash in your relationships, bereavement and other losses, family problems and breakdowns, depression, eating disorders, rape and sexual abuse, assault, drugs - legal and illegal and stress - exams and expectations.


Given to our constraints and limitations, we are lacking of funds and we need a generous donor to infaq (help the deen of Allah) to help us begin this worthy cause. The set-up cost at Onan Road which includes the furniture, electronic accessories, books, advertising and rental is $32 464 Singapore dollars while the cost for monthly operations is $9710 Singapore dollars.

We hereby appeal to your good self for your support in this blessed effort. As an appreciation or even mileage, we will honour your support by placing a strategically placed plaque mentioning of your kind sponsorship.

Please contact our Fundraising & Finance Department, Haji Johan Janif 9 663 4207 or email us at [email protected]

We look forward to your favourable reply. Thank you.

May Allah illmunate our hearts with the Lights of Certainty.
Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb.

Program Director, Tradisi Halaqah
Badan Agama & Pelajaran Radin Mas
ROS Ref. No. 0272/1958


Al Taqua Mosque

11A Jalan Bilal


Tradisi Halaqah

Tradisi Halaqah is an educational centre, under a registered non-profit, charity organisation Badan ...


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