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Funeral Services

Muslim Funeral Services

Package Details

This service is by Pengurusan Jenazah Nur led by Bro Amir and wife whom have provided this service since 2005.

Our services are as follows:
- 24 hours services for local and overseas Jenazah
- 24 hours Doctor's services to verify death
- Qualified to handle deaths cause by infectious diseases (Aids, H1N1, SARS and so on )
- Jenazah collection in the shortest time possible.
- Registration of grave plots with NEA
- All bathing equipment and shrouding will be provided
- 1 x 40 seater Bus ( Air Con ) to and fro to Pusara
- Standard carpet grass and sign/nisan and ceramic plate for Arwah's name

Standard Fees for Standard Local Services:
$1,300 ( From Home )
$1,400 ( From Hospital )

For Overseas Jenazah - To send Jenazah overseas or receive a Jenazah from overseas,
please inquire on price as there will be more details like Freight Services, Embassy paper work and so on involved.

* We also service body parts - Eg. limbs cut off due to diabetes,
baby, foetus, still borne, placenta and others. Inquire on price.

Call 97624321 ( Brother Amir, 24 hours )
You may also email us at [email protected] for non urgent cases.

Service Provider

Pengurusan Jenazah NUR

Pengurusan Jenazah NUR telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 2009 oleh pengurus jenazah Haji Amir bersama ist...

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