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Funeral Services

Grave Cleaning Promotion

Ends: May 24, 2020

Package Details

Important: Kindly note that the cleaning service will only be carried out after the Circuit Breaker period ends

Engage us to clean and trim the graves of your loved ones in time for your next visit. For a limited time only, is now offering a grave cleaning service at just $30!

Maintaining and cleaning up graves can be a tough job. Imagine visiting your loved one's grave and seeing
the weeds growing thick and the white cloth turning yellow because the last time you came to clean was
many months ago. Let us help you perform this arduous task.

What you will get
1. Before After Photos
Receive before after photos of the cleaning service via WhatsApp

2. Peace of Mind
Why worry about the condition of your loved one's grave? Let us maintain it for you.

3. Convenience
Focus on saying a prayer for your loved ones instead of trimming the weeds under the hot sun.

*Please note that the prices quoted in the packages are true for graves that do not require additional labour for removal of a plant or a tree. Before proceeding, we will inform you first should there be any need for top ups.

Payment Modes: PayNow / PayLah / Bank Transfer

If you wish to engage this service, fill up the registration form below.
Please contact 9828 0447 (Khai) or 6816 3649 (Office) if you have any queries or require any assistance.

Main Operator: PusaraCleaners
Admin & Marketing Partners: KHIDMAHSG PTE LTD

Important: Kindly note that the cleaning service will only be carried out after the Circuit Breaker period ends

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Locate A Grave
- Answer two of the three questions below
- We will contact you via WhatsApp with the location of the grave within one week
23 May 2020SGD 100Closed
Video Directions
The video is taken in at least 720p quality and saved in .mp4 format which is playable in most of smartphones (iOS/Android/Windows devices) or PC/Laptop.
23 May 2020SGD 50Closed
Carpet Grass Installation
-Grass on current grave will be removed entirely.
-Natural carpet grass will then be installed.
23 May 2020SGD 230Closed
One Off Clean Up
- Thorough cleaning of grave perimeters
- Removing weeds
- Change of tombstone’s cloth
- Landscape maintainence
- Service period: One time
23 May 2020SGD 30Closed
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