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24 May 2024 - 15 Zulqaeda 1445 Syuruk 6:57 Zuhur 13:03
24 May 2024 - 15 Zulqaeda 1445 | Subuh 5:34 | Syuruk 6:57 | Zuhur 13:03 | Asar 16:27 | Maghrib 19:08 | Ishak 20:22
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Prophetic Parenting: Unlocking the Key Foundation for an Unbreakable Bond with Your Children

[Event has ended]

Have you ever asked your children if they love you? Or have you told your children how much you love them?

When your children don't know how much you love them or how deeply you care about them, it creates a fracture and a broken relationship between the child and the parent. It is essential to cultivate a relationship of compassion, affection, and love between you and your children.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was known for his deep love and affection towards his daughter Fatimah. He would often visit her, and upon seeing her, he would stand up, kiss her, and offer her his seat. He would also express his love for her by saying, "Fatimah is a part of me, and whoever hurts her, hurts me."

This exemplifies the importance of expressing love and affection towards children, as it strengthens the bond between parent and child.

In this program, you will learn the following:

  • How to build compassion, affection and relationship with our children

  • Examples of the Prophet SAW with his daughter Fatimah Azzahra' R.A

  • The importance of supplicating to Allah SWT for our children

  • The importance of nurturing children with Islamic principles and values.

If you are a parent, soon-to-be parent, or plan on having children one day, this program will help you understand the important role you play in their lives.


Day/ date: Sunday 4th June 23
Time: 8 pm - 9.30 pm
Speaker: Ustaz Nuzhan Halim

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