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26 Feb 2024 - 16 Syaaban 1445 Maghrib 19:21 Ishak 20:30
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Raikan Cahaya Ramadhan Mass Iftar

[Event has ended]
Sat, 1 April 2023, 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM | Malay_English

charity, iftar, ramadhan, event, outdoor dining, donation, puasa

Fees: $100 (per Individual), $480(One Table, 6pax)

  • To raise funds for beneficiaries (low–income families of Jalan Besar GRC)

    — A percentage of funds will also be donated to the Sultan Mosque
    and Community Chest. Besides being invited to the mass iftar event
    and enjoying free iftar, beneficiaries at the event will also receive
    supermarket vouchers.

  • To promote the community spirit of Iftar by breaking fast and having
    a meal together

  • To let beneficiaries enjoy a bountiful Iftar and feel supported by
    their community.

  • To create an opportunity to do charity and give back to society during
    the month of Ramadhan, as it is encouraged to do so during this month.

  • To organize a community event that is an opportunity to educate

    and create an inter-faith gathering with delicious food, friends and
    conversation, allowing people of all races and religions to experience
    this practice. 


1st April 2023, Arab Street

5.30pm – 9.30pm 

This is the first time a mass iftar event is open to the public,
for anybody to have a chance to join this experience.

The whole Arab Street, that is usually a busy road, will be closed
for this event. Participants will get the rare chance to dine al fresco
in the middle of the road, near the majestic Sultan mosque and with
prayer calls in the background. The street will be lit with fairy lights
and a long table set up with festive decoration for participants to
enjoy a memorable and one-of-a-kind community experience. 

Projected number of people: approx. 1200

Proposed Food: Traditional Malay dishes like

Sambal Goreng, Ayam Lemak, Begedil, Serunding, Urap,
Ayam Masak Merah, Rendang
, Chicken briyani, Traditional
malay kueh etc.

Programming Timeline:

5.30pm – Registration of Guests & Partners; Busking performances start

6.30pm – Distribution of food & drinks

6.45pm – Arrival of GOH and invited guests

7.15pm – Break fast

8.00pm – GOH walk around and guest interaction

8.30pm – Prayer Isyak

8.45pm – Distribution of Gifts, Phototaking of Partners/ Sponsors

9.00pm – End of event 

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