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27 Feb 2024 - 17 Syaaban 1445 Asar 16:32 Maghrib 19:21
27 Feb 2024 - 17 Syaaban 1445 | Subuh 5:58 | Syuruk 7:15 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:32 | Maghrib 19:21 | Ishak 20:30
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Madrasah Entrance Test Exercise

[Event has ended]
Sun, 4 April 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM | Others

Fees: 45

Let Your Kid Experience the Environment of Madrasah Entrance Test before his real test this April 2021 to give him the concordance on how the exam works in order to achieve great results, Inshallah. For exams, they need to do more than just sit behind the books. Note: Each Lesson Different Exam Set


This event is for your kid to prepare him/her for the Madrasah Entrance Test this July. Your kid will learn the components and will be exposed to the questions that might be asked in the test.

The Exam Subjects:

  • Arabic Language 
  • Malay Language 
  • English Language
  • Math Subject 
  • There is will be short oral tests for each student too.

How does It work?

We start with fleshing up the kid's memory with some reading of the 5 subjects.

The kids will be briefed on what they should do with the exam.

The kids will start the exam at the same time and when the end will collect the papers from them on time

They will have a 5 min break and then start another exam with another subject.

The student will take all the exams one time to use if we find the kids able to manage their time.


About the Class

  • All kids who take the entrance test can attend.
  • Must wear the mask and follow the social distancing
  • The temperature will be taken and safe check-in needed.
  • Parents have to do safe Entry check-in & Check out.
  • Note only paid tickets will be confirmed. 

    Please remember to bring a Pencil case, Color Pencils, a Water bottle, and Jacket if your kids can't take cold :)


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