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21 Oct 2020 - 4 RabiulAwwal 1442 Maghrib 18:52 Ishak 20:02
21 Oct 2020 - 4 RabiulAwwal 1442 | Subuh 5:29 | Syuruk 6:47 | Zuhur 12:51 | Asar 16:07 | Maghrib 18:52 | Ishak 20:02
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Elementary Arabic Revision

[Event has ended]
Sat, 3 October 2020, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM | Arabic

Elementary, Arabic, Revision, Arabic, Council

Fees: $120

Revise and Reinforce essential vocabulary, grammar structures, and syntax to improve accuracy of your understanding and reading improvement.


We do not believe the purpose behind learning the Arabic language is solely to be able to pass classroom tests and memorize vocabulary. While a robust vocabulary and grammatical accuracy are important and are integral to the Arabic language capability development, we believe the desired end state of learning the Arabic language is to gain the ability to perform job-specific and daily tasks unaided in the Arab environment.

Each Lesson Will Have:

  • Reading Session
  • New vocabularies
  • Some Grammars and Tools
  • Conversations or Simple Speach 

Who can attend:

  • Who wants to keep in touch with the Arabic Langauge 
  • Who wants to improve his Arabic reading and understanding.
  • Who Learned Arabic before and want to refresh it.
  • Who like to Converse and talk in Arabic.


Course Info:

Age: 16 and above

Level: Above Beginners (Must at least know reading and writing).   

Total Fees: S$120 (including registration fees, book, notebooks)

The course once a week every ٍSaturday. 

The course instructed by Native Arabic speakers!!!


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