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Marriage Guidance Course by SPMC (1-Day Your Heart My Heart Programme)

[Event has ended]
Sat, 1 September 2018, 9.15am to 5.15pm | English
Centropod @ Changi
Omar Bin Haroon

marriage course

Fees: $300 per couple

If you're on a tight schedule or even if you're simply trying to find out more about life after marriage, this express 1-day course is just the one you're looking for!

Your Heart My Heart by SPMC reveals to you deeply-researched psychological techniques to build and maintain a strong marriage foundation. Our course helps all couples to have a stronger, lasting relationship and is based on Islamic psychology and values. Whether you have a busy schedule, are discovering Islam or simply want to prep early for marriage, this comprehensive 1-day course is for you!

Designed and conducted by Mr Omar bin Haroon, a specialist in marriage guidance counselling, our course focuses on relationship-building between you and your partner. A modern guide to marriage, it covers:

- Understanding Each Other
- 8 Essential Relationship Skills
- Managing Change
- Healing the Heart
- Marriage Tips (Finance, Housing, In-laws, Parenting, Islam, Sex)

It guides you with:

- Designing your life with your partner for the needs and purpose of life.
- Understanding marriage and preparing for your new future.
- Developing skills, techniques and tools to deal with difficult situations.

Learn more about your partner and create precious memories together! (:

Our package includes tea breaks, lunch and refreshments!
Study materials are also provided.


Date: 1 September 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 9.15am to 5.15pm
Venue: Centropod@Changi
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Still have questions?
We will be happy to assist you at [email protected]
Or text / call us at 93650490 for any enquiries.

SPMC has been conducting Marriage Preparation Courses since 2000.
SPMC Marriage Courses are offered in English/Malay, at libraries, mosques, community centres and learning institutions.

Other dates available for Your Heart My Heart 1-day course are
01 Sep 2018 | Centropod@Changi (Eng)
02 Sep 2018 | NordCom1 (Eng)
15 Sep 2018 | Centropod@Changi (Malay)
16 Sep 2018 | NordCom1 (Eng)
29 Sep 2018 | NordCom1 (Eng)
30 Sep 2018 | Masjid Al-Mukminin (Eng)
06 Oct 2018 | Centropod@Changi (Malay)
07 Oct 2018 | National Library (Eng)
27 Oct 2018 | NordCom1 (Eng)
28 Oct 2018 | Hong Kah North CC (Eng)
03 Nov 2018 | Centropod@Changi (Malay)
04 Nov 2018 | Hong Kah North CC (Eng)
10 Nov 2018 | NordCom1 (Eng)
11 Nov 2018 | National Library (Eng)
17 Nov 2018 | NordCom1 (Eng)
18 Nov 2018 | Masjid Al-Mukminin (Eng)
02 Dec 2018 | Hong Kah North CC (Eng)
09 Dec 2018 | Masjid Al-Mukminin (Eng)

SPMC also offers the two-day Cinta Abadi programme supported by ROMM, MSF and MUIS.

Visit us at


Centropod @ Changi

Centropod @ Changi, 80 Changi Rd, 419715




Omar Bin Haroon


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