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24 Jan 2021 - 11 JamadulAkhir 1442 Syuruk 7:16 Zuhur 13:19
24 Jan 2021 - 11 JamadulAkhir 1442 | Subuh 5:55 | Syuruk 7:16 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:41 | Maghrib 19:19 | Ishak 20:32
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Arabic Culture & Langauge History Seminar

[Event has ended]
Sun, 2 September 2018, 4 pm - 6 pm | English
Peace Centre
Ustaz Mohd Abd El Aziz (Native Speaker)

arabic, culture, seminar, history

Fees: $20/pax, $30 for 2 pax

Do you like to discover and know more about people's culture! Do you like to travel and visit other countries! Do you like to expand your business and reach the richest customers! Do you have contacts or friends from MENA and want to know how to communicate with them! Join this Seminar...!

About The Event
Arab culture is the culture of the Arab world stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Arabian Sea in the east across 22 countries and consists of over 440 million people sharing the same language and same culture. Arab is a term used to be only for people of the Arabian Peninsula who are Semitic but now it's used to describe the people whose native tongue is Arabic. Arabic people come from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. The 22 Arab countries are: Algeria, Bahrain, the Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.


Peace Center, 1 Sophia Road


4 pm - 6 pm

Arabic Council مَجْلِسُ اللُّغَةِ العَرَبِيَّةِ

Terms and Conditions:
1) Full Payments are to be made before Course starts.
2) No refund for participants that fail to attend the Course. Ensure you can commit to the course timings.
3) Participants will be given Notes.
4) Participants are to attend the course punctually and inform organisers early if they are late.
5) Organisers have the rights to make changes to the schedule or cancel the course. Participants will be informed in advance for changes.

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Peace Centre

1 Sophia Road, #03-12, Singapore 228149


Arabic Council

Our Vision Arabic Council aims to help non-native speaking to learn the Arabic language in an easy ...


Ustaz Mohd Abd El Aziz (Native Speaker)


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