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3 Apr 2020 - 9 Syaaban 1441 Ishak 20:21 Subuh 5:47
3 Apr 2020 - 9 Syaaban 1441 | Subuh 5:47 | Syuruk 7:04 | Zuhur 13:09 | Asar 16:17 | Maghrib 19:12 | Ishak 20:21
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'What's Stopping You?' Series: Partners

[Event has ended]
Thu, 30 November 2017, 7:30pm - 9:30pm | Malay
MY Space @ 62A Arab Street
SIM Malay Cultural and Muslim Society, MYForum
Ustazah Liyana Musfirah

partners, youth

Fees: FREE

Assalamu'alaikum all!

Join us for another session of What's Stopping You?' Series happening this Thursday! This time, we will be addressing issues pertaining to before and after marriage in today's context including but not limited to: maintaining distance before marriage, when to notice signs that he/she is not meant for you, when to decide to break away from the relationship and the correct way to do it, how to guide and support your partner so the both of you can get closer to the Deen together with adab.

So if you have ever had similar questions or doubts, this session is perfect for you! The session is free and is open to all. ☺ Registration is only needed if you are an SIM/SUSS student to 96620542 with your name and student ID.

See all of you there, InsyaAllah!


MYSpace @ 62A Arab Street



SIM Malay Cultural and Muslim Society, MYForum


Ustazah Liyana Musfirah


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