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Chit-Chat with the Awesomest

[Event has ended]
Sat, 26 November 2016, 8.45pm - 10.00pm | Malay
Ayman Al-Iman

CHIT-CHAT WITH THE AWESOMEST (English Talk) on "Dreams & Aspirations"

Hello and Peace Be Upon You blessed soul! (May Allah SWT showers upon you His blessings and ease your affairs! amin)

Thank you for your interest in this event! Whats awesome about it you asked?? heres why!

1) The most awesome and amazing people to talk yet!
We have the honourable Ustaz Md Zahid Md Zin, who is always in constant engagement and interactions with youths. Sharing his life experiences, advice and lessons in the most chilled manner ever! There's never a dull moment with this ustaz, that is why he is THE USTAZ! *raising eyebrows*

We have the guy with the moves (like Jagger AHAKZ) Abdul Halim Affindi, also one of the monkeys from UXM. This guy doesn't need an introduction, he is known wherever he goes. Not only he is funny in videos, he is more hilarious in person. To add, he is also the Senior Youth Leader here in Ayman Al-Iman. Wanna know his secrets? find out more from the event.

Last but not least, you don't wanna miss the angelic voice of Bakti Ridhwan Md Khair. If you don't know, he is the son of the famous Md Khair Yasin from Rausyan Fikir (If you are into ethnic songs, you'll instantly know). This guys has been in so many stages performing including in Suria shows. Let's have a chat with THE VOICE to see how is he managing it all!

2) Remember, Remember the 26th November!

3) Meet and Greet / Qiyamullail Sesh!
Yup! if you wanna hang out / chill with these peeps after the event you can! they can lepak with you cause they are (exc Ustaz Zahid) gonna perform qiyamullail together with us! make this the best time that you have for yourself & and to get closer to The Creator. Worry you haven't done it before? don't worry, there will be step by step instructions on what to do. Nobody gets left out and may Allah SWT accept our good deeds.

Okay now! Go Register! and we'll see you soon! Come One Come All!

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Date: 26 November 2016, Saturday.

Location: Al-Iman Mosque (10 Bukit Panjang Ring Road)

Time: 8.45pm - 10.00pm

Attire: Modest (Aurat Covered)

Event: Interactive talk show in English (universal language), questions can be asked during the session. Extra activity is qiyamullail at 3.30am on Sunday 26 November 2016.


Al-Iman Mosque

10 Bukit Panjang Ring Road, Singapore 679943


Ayman Al-Iman


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