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Understanding the Worldview of Islam

[Event has ended]
Wed, 12 August 2015, 8 - 10 pm (after Maghrib) | English
664 North Bridge Road Singapore 188799
Abdul Halim Abdul Karim

course, worldview, islam

Fees: S$200/pax (after infaq)

Course Synopsis:

This course introduces the basic concepts of worldview as conceived from the various perspectives; sociological, psychological, political as well as in the dialectical 
discourse between secularism and religious living.

Attendees will be exposed to several broad conceptions of what is the Islamic worldview culminating in the assertion that the Islamic worldview is an all-encompassing vision of Reality and Existence as described and prescribed by Islam (Ru'yat al-Islam li al-Wujud).

This course would also provide the attendees with a strong understanding of the core of Islam and its main characteristics such as it being Syumul (Complete and comprehensive) and Rabbani (Divinely inspired).

Attendees will also learn the pre-requisite elements towards understanding the Islamic worldview. These include; the concepts of al-Tawhid, existence (Wujud) and ‘Ilm (Knowledge), the concepts of Iman (Faith) and Ihsan (excellence in ‘Amal (Deeds), the concepts of SunnatulLah (Workings of nature as acts of God), Nubuwwah (Prophethood), ‘Aql (Man's reasoning capacity) and Fitrah (Primordial nature of Man) in the discussion of Identity (Huwiyyah) in Islam and the concept of Adab (The placing of things and self in their proper places) and ‘Adl (Justice) as well as the role of man vis-à-vis the Creator (al-Khaliq) and the rest of creation.

Course Objectives:

1. Develop an awareness of the need for a deeper understanding of the worldview of Islam.

2. Develop an awareness of the need to adopt the Islamic vision of Reality/Existence thereby building the spiritual character of the person even in the face of otherworldviews.

3. Acquainting and deepening attendees' understanding of meanings, objectives, foundations and essential characteristics and core concepts of Islamic and non-Islamic worldviews.

4. Nurturing attendees with understanding of the elements of Islamic worldview and its implications on knowledge, the self and roles and responsibilities of the Muslim.

5. Enlightening the understanding of current challenges pertaining to the worldview of Islam faced by Muslims and their responses from the Islamic perspective.

Course Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, the attendees will able to:-

1. Define and differentiate the meanings, characteristics and element of Islamic worldview from non-Islamic worldview.

2. Conceptualise and apply the various elements of Islamic worldview in individual and social contexts.

3. Identify and appraise the contemporary challenges, obstacles and barriers faced by man and society and offer solutions consistent with the Islamic worldview.

Course Registration:

Register online via
(limited to a class size of 25 pax max)


664 North Bridge Road Level 3 (near Sultan Mosque, 10 minutes from Bugis MRT Station)

Frequency and Duration:

Commences on 11 August 2015.
Weekly classes - 10 sessions (with option for 2 extensions)
Tuesdays, 8.00 - 10.30 pm (after Maghrib)
Notes and pertinent readings will be given

Course Fees:

Original- $330/participant
Now - $200/participant (due to private sponsorship or infaq)

Course Participants' Testimony:

“The course really opened me up to a lot of things… alot of truths. As an insan who has the tendency to forget (no one is perfect), the knowledge he has shared has definitely strengthened my iman and Islamic identity, motivating me to ikhtiyar and improve myself spiritually, insya Allah. I believe that others will also tremendously benefit from this course." – Azhar Abdul Aziz

“I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Ustaz for guiding me throughout this course and special thanks for those who are working “behind the scenes” to make this course a success. If there is word to describe my thoughts towards this course, it would be “overwhelmed”. However it's overwhelmed in a good way. Unlike other courses that I had been, this course by far has impacted me both spiritually and intellectually. Of the many things taught, the most impactful knowledge that I have learnt was the concept about Adab. Somehow I felt that it was truly amazing and even to the extent that the whole idea of it seems beautiful as to how Adab itself has connections to everything, like seeking knowledge, in Justice and even the past histories such as the story about the how Iblis became defiant to Allah and the lessons that can be learnt from the prophets. MasyaAllah! Ustaz also mention about how in Islam, everything is connected to each other and to Allah, and as such the connection of adab to all of these is Sahih. MasyaAllah, to know all of these is beyond comprehension and like what Ustaz have said before like in “awe”. Furthermore the thought of that Adab is just one of the many other “Key Concepts” makes me even speechless! As a Tolibul ‘Ilm, we need to know our place and not choose to learn something from our own desires, but choose knowledge that is needed and “wajib” for us to know. InsyaAllah.” – Azhari

“Alhamdullilah, this course generally went well. It entails the importance of Islamic Worldview that is essential to us as a Muslim to think through and apply as per advice and guidance from the teaching of Al Quran and hadiths. Further explanations from the scholars prevent us from taking the words literally from Al Quran (well explained and good examples displayed by Ust Abdul Halim especially on God). I'm touched about how Islam has solution to our existing problems (discussion on abortion), yet one still searching for solutions from the Western Worldview. The requirements as a tolibul ‘ilm, learning must come with a proper niat as this is part of our ibadah. Terms such as adab, taqwa, niat, tauhid and more are well explained by Ust Abdul Halim, Alhamdullilah. Re-emphasizing ilmu kifayah and fardhu ain serve good reminder for me to revisit that area again. Also definition defined by Prof M Naquib Al-Attas. I couldn't emphasize more how much I benefitted from this course and looking forward for more. May Allah shower Ustaz, the admin and the rest of us with His abundance blessings. Amin.” – Aishah Abdul Latiff.

“I truly feel I benefited from the lessons I had with Ustaz, in a way I never did before previously. The topics he went through weekly resonated with me, as I felt it was so relevant to my life and what I go through on a daily basis, which is what I have always been seeking. What he talked about becomes a daily reminder for me and it fits into my life seamlessly. One thing I felt was very significant was the numerous supplications, which he introduced to us some of which came from the Quran. That also allowed me to read up on the Surah's of the Quran and the meaning, when I didn't really, before. In an overall sense, Ustaz's lessons have impacted me, allowing me to "bermuhasabah diri" a lot and I honestly do feel that I have more knowledge than I did before Alhamdulillah (but never enough knowledge of course), and it's not just knowledge that's to be kept and stored but to be applied to daily life.” – Azreena

“After attending the class, all I have to say is that Alhamdulillah I actually tweaked my school timetable so I can come to this class! The things that I learn is really beyond what I can comprehend, as the knowledge is really really deep. And yet, this is the one that probably affected me the most! Perhaps I'm at this right age where I'm more mature than before but seriously, what I learnt from this course is really really valuable. Definitely looking forward to the next phase of this course.” – Haiqal

“MasyaAllah, I have learnt so much from the course on Tasawwur Islam and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning it as well. I cannot really describe in words how much I have gained from the course and how much I appreciate all the things, which Ustaz have taught me but I will try. The course really opened my eyes to things, which I hadn't really paid attention to and things, which I previously taught were unimportant. I gained a deeper understanding on what Islam really is and far more important than that, I learnt that there are still many things for me to learn about Islam. The course has definitely given me the motivation to continue seeking knowledge and to protect and practise whatever I have learnt from this course. I will definitely recommend this course to some of my friends because it has certainly benefitted me in many ways. May Allah reward you, Ustaz for all your efforts in teaching us, insyaAllah!” – Haslina Ithnin

“Tainted lens affects our vision. Unclear vision affects our ability to distinguish truth from falsehood thus rendering us imbalance in all aspects of our development. Hence the Islamic Worldview course conducted by Brother Abdul Halim is much needed to reconstruct our vision and view of life as well as to unlearn and relearn so as to conform to the true vision. Knowledge gained from his generous and valuable inputs have helped me in recognising the value of adab and to be alert of the many misconceptions in this confusing times, allowing many rooms for reflection and contemplation with respect to my position in the scheme of things.” – Hayati Mokmin

“The lessons have been very beneficial for me, Alhamdulillah. The way of teaching makes the learning process and understanding so much easier. The use of analogies and real world context allow students like me to see the link much clearly. The strict nature when it comes to teaching this subject actually helps in a way that shows Islamic worldview is very different from the western worldview. The confidence in articulating contents regarding Islam, which are validated and true, is a commendable trait of him. The knowledge of many disciplines in many fields, MasyaAllah, makes me humbled. All in all, the knowledge I've attained has made me more aware of distinguishing the Islamic worldview from the western one, which are very prevalent in today's world. And InsyaAllah, the knowledge that I've attained will accumulate to improve my taqwa for Allah.” - Luqmanul Hakim

“I felt that I have benefited from the course. My worldview, my perception of things around me has changed since the course. The consistent emphasis on adab really tells you how important it is and how it links to everything around the world. I think there is a need for part 2 and maybe part 3 of the course. It would definitely allow me to appreciate and understand the Islamic worldview better. I would be very much interested to enroll in this course again if I have the time to do so. It is a course that I feel someone who enjoys knowledge should go to. The method of teaching involves alot of philosophical understanding that really opens my perspective to Islam compared to the usual teachings done elsewhere. It is definitely a course that will benefit those who are willing to learn and put in the extra effort to understand. The depth of knowledge is something alot of students are able to benefit from and put into use. Insyaallah there will be more courses from him that have topics which although are less common outside, but much needed to be addressed.” – Muhammad Basyir

“I can see that Brother Abdul Halim sincerely has the Ummah's welfare at heart. And I hope more Muslims will take up this course and see the world through Islam's lenses and not be confused or influenced by other worldviews then conducting deeds that contradict the real Islamic values, nauzubillahi min zaliq.” – Norhayati Abu Bakar

“This course has realigned my purpose for being in this world, know my ‘adab' as a student who finds knowledge, as a child and create awareness of my Islamic Worldview. We are brought up surrounded with different culture and got influenced with the Western Worldview. Attending this course has made me realised of the two different worldviews, and brings me closer to Allah. Every lesson has made me reflect on myself and my wrongdoings, hence improving it with what was being taught. This course has increased my knowledge on Islam and how we should learn from the stories of Prophets as they provide plenty examples of those who have wronged. I am more encouraged in finding more of what was shared. And sharing of information from fellow colleagues also increase my understanding which allow me to share with my family and friends. This course has changed my perspective on how I view the World and also be reminded of Allah since I could see His Creations everywhere. Alhamdulillah I am able to go through this course by Ustaz Halim who is generous in sharing his knowledge.” – Nurul Atiqah

“I first came to the class not knowing what to expect and I felt like a destitute who needed to seek knowledge. Over the past few months, I have learnt lots and lots of things beyond measure and I am really thankful alhamdulillah to be placed in such a blessed gathering. I have definitely understood more about the religion but most importantly, I discovered what I lacked and was inspired to find out about these things which I don't know about. Every session of the class was food for the soul to me alhamdulillah it has been a fantastic learning journey. Everything about the lesson is great (ustaz gives really clear explanation on things, notes are not too difficult to understand). MasyaAllah, this class has been incredibly beneficial to my spiritual growth and may Allah reward ustaz abundantly Allahumma amin.” - Nurul Syahirah

“Alhamdulillah, I think the course has been very beneficial and I've learnt so many new things. I feel that ustaz's approach is good in that he has a lot of examples and stories that makes all the theory more interesting. Also, I like that he talked about the differences between wahabism and ahlul sunnah wa jamaah, because the formation of sects has become so prevalent and we need to have the right attitude towards these issues.” - Parveen

“Firstly, I would like to thank Ustaz Abdul Halim for his efforts. I truly enjoyed his lessons as Ustaz went in-depth into every issue being discussed, with a very well structured and organized presentation that totally captured your attention throughout the whole class session. Thank you, Ustaz, may Allah bless you and give barakah in you, your knowledge and your whole life. Ameen.” – Radhiah M. Salleh

“The most beneficial to me were relearning the Islamic worldview concepts, explained well based on sources from Quran and Ahadith and using good examples. Appreciate all the supplications taught, and the recommended books to read for further info.” – Radiah

"The concept of adab is integral in Islam and knowing that everything has its proper place in a hierarchy created by Allah SWT has enabled me to be rightly guided in life (like a compass) and have a peace of mind amidst the fast-paced lifestyle in Singapore. Thank you, Brother Abdul Halim, for your generous sharing." – Shazlee Nordin

“I simply enjoy this class because it touches on the very basic concepts in Islam but at the same time the elaboration on how these concepts influence many aspects of our lives that we can relate to in this contemporary world. I thank Allah for the opportunity to attend this class as it has an impact on me and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next part to gain more knowledge. May Allah bless Ustaz and family with good health and well-being. Amin!” – Suhaimi

“No doubt it is an insightful course. Everyone must attend it to realign our worldview especially now where I myself did not even realise my worldview has been subtly shaped around western perspective (sadly). Perhaps becauses its what we experience in school since young (coming from secular schools).” – Syahirah Said

“I've benefited a great deal and gained greater clarity in perspective, in that the Islamic Worldview is indeed a separate paradigm from the Western Worldview, enabling me to see the Truth (Haq) so as to adopt values that are congruent with Islam. This is critical especially since we live in a secular community. I strongly recommend this course to those who are keen to strive and build an Ummah that we can be proud of in this world and in the Hereafter, ameen!” – Nor Azzah Isnin


664 North Bridge Road Singapore 188799

664 North Bridge Road Singapore 188799


Abdul Halim Abdul Karim


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