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The Morning After

[Event has ended]
Sat, 3 January 2015, 8.30am - 5.00pm | English
To be confirmed
Safinah Institute

workshop, divorce, grief

Fees: $28 - Standard | $24 - FOS

A brand new enlightening workshop by Safinah Institute for those who have recently experienced a painful divorce or separation.

The Morning After offers plenty of practical and spiritual advice on how to move on in life through 'gradual and progressive grieving', which aims to make us grow stronger than we were before the severance of the relationship.

In this intensive one-day programme, participants can expect to learn and experience the following:

❤︎ How to mend a broken heart through Dzikr and remembrance

❤︎ How to embrace the emotions of pain and grief positively

❤︎ How to derive the most critical lessons from every relationship's ending

❤︎ How to effectively come out of an event such as a divorce more empowered and driven like never before

❤︎ How to muster up the courage and faith for our hearts to open up, and to love again

✭ ✭ SPECIAL OFFER: Join us for this brand new life-changing programme and we'll throw in one of our most highly sought-after signature workshops: The Art of Letting Go (TAOLG) for FREE [worth $297]. There has been two successful runs of TAOLG in 2013 and 2014, and you wouldn't want to miss the 2015 run - tentatively to be conducted in April, insyaAllah. ✭ ✭

Some testimonials for TAOLG from past participants:

❤︎ "To those who may fear being judged in this workshop, do disregard that belief, as the environment provided during the workshop was tremendously non-judgmental, warm and conducive. It allowed all the participants to openly share our inner most feelings and thoughts. It has been a tremendously meaningful and worthwhile journey for me since I took up this program, not to mention the friendships! Definitely an investment worth of your time and effort." ~ Zubaidah Yusoff

❤︎ “With lessons from the Quran, and personal sharing from the participants, it was truly inspirational as it empowered me to have faith and courage in facing life with optimism. Attending the event marked a turning point in my life, which I believe has sparked a renewed sense of hope in my heart. Definitely, lessons to keep for a lifetime..” ~ Syikin Kassim

NOTE: This exclusive SPECIAL OFFER ends on 28 Nov 2014.

Grab your seats, or give this life-changing event to a loved one who needs it now as a gift, or share this event with a friend who recently had to go through a difficult separation.


The fee?

A one time payment of 397.
OR two payments of 198.50.
OR three payments of 132.33.

Your investment includes:

1. A FULL day admission to the workshop.

2. Plenty of valuable course notes for you to use during and after the programme, PLUS a dedicated activity journal.

3. Complete meals: Two coffee-breaks and one lunch.

4. FREE access to online coaching with Lead Trainer of the workshop, Ustaz Mizi Wahid for 30 days after the programme.

5. A FREE pass to 2015's The Art of Letting Go [worth $297] *Offer ends 28 Nov 2014.

6. 2 FREE passes to Safinah Talks: A Comeback for Every Setback on the 10th of January 2015 - one week after The Morning After event - held at The Joyden Hall - with guest speaker, Aiman Azlan from Malaysia. [worth $48] []

Lock these dates into your calendar, and sign-up today at


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