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Warkah Cinta Musafir

[Event has ended]
Sat, 1 November 2014, 7.30pm | Malay
Syiok SG
Ustaz Muhammad Fizar Zainal, Ustaz Firdaus Ismail, Ustazah Su'aidah Salim, Syazwan Yunos, Harris Osman, Reyza Hamizan


Fees: 40

Musafir : YOU
Destination: Paradise
Passport: Amalan (good deeds)

Good deeds. What are good deeds without the right intention? An individual is rewarded only according to that which he intends. Therefore, whosoever do good for the sake of Allah and His messenger, then his action is given value as he purified his intentions. Whosoever do good for the sake of worldly gain, then his deed is worthless for the next world and will not benefit him after he dies. So how does one do good for the sake of Allah? The first step is to fall in love with Him.


Love is honesty. Love is trust. Love is loyalty. Love is touching each other's souls. Love is kind. Love is mutual respect. Love is reaching your dreams together. Love is unconditional commitment. Love is not just a strong feeling. Love is a decision; a judgement; a promise. Love is receiving. Love is giving. Love comes with sacrifice. Love is not a noun, its a verb to be acted upon.

Warkah Cinta Musafir (Traveller's Love Letter) is a motivational talk open for all. It is a sequel to Cinta Musafir that was held last year. Our main target is to let the audience have a better understanding on how the Al-Quran, a love letter from Allah, mention about love and the akhlak of Rasulullah SAW. Not only will we learn to love Allah and Rasulullah more, we will also learn about relationship before marriage and how to turn our love towards good. Do you know that Rasulullah SAW was also involved in relationship? (;



(Door gift, notes and light refreshments included).

➡ATM bank transfer (DBS savings plus 019-0-059654)

➡Once you have made the bank transfer, take a screenshot of your receipt > Whatsapp us at 81466047 and include the following details as well:

1) Fullname
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Knowledge awaits you!
So hurry, get your tickets NOW!

See you there, in shaa Allah.


Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah Mosque

601 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 158787


Syiok SG


Ustaz Muhammad Fizar Zainal, Ustaz Firdaus Ismail, Syazwan Yunos, Harris Osman, Reyza Hamizan
Ustazah Su'aidah Salim

The founder of Soul Project, Su'aidah Salim is an educator, motivational speaker and an active asati...


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