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Love Letter to You, An-Nisaa'

[Event has ended]
Thu, 7 August 2014, 8pm - 10pm | English
Ustazah Nuraizah Amin

course, women, hadiths, etiquettes, relationship

Fees: $150 for 1 pax | $280 for 2 pax


In this course, we will be discovering the gems and wisdoms from Hadeeths by our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him on Women Affairs.

Deriving lessons from Hadeeths applicable in today's social context e.g Etiquettes, Relationships and Faith.


- Finding ways in coping with difficulties and lost through Fundamental Islamic belief.

- Discussing Women Etiquettes:
-Beauty and Fashion
-Social and Communication ethics

- Discovering the Status of Women in Islam



Ustazah Nuraizah Amin

Ustazah Nuraizah Amin has been conducting courses exclusively for ladies and teens in Yameen for almost 2 years. She has been in Islamic teaching industry for over 8 years.

Ustazah Nuraizah graduated with Pre-University certificate from Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah. She later pursued her passion in taking Diploma in Biomedical and continued with her Degree in the same course in University of Bradford. Her passion in Islamic knowledge did not fade as she continues to seek knowledge in various countries.

Amongst her peers, she is known as a person with high intellect in both Ukhrawi and Dunyawi.
When conducting classes, students describe Ustazah Nuraizah as informative, concise and entertaining.


Course Details

7th August, Every Thursdays

8pm - 10pm

Course Duration:
6 Sessions | 6 Weeks

Payment Details:
- $150 for 1 Student
- $280 for 2 Students

Payment Option:
ATM Transfer / iBanking
POSB Savings Account 070 350 149



62 Changi Road #03-02, Singapore 419713



Yameen means Right [Direction] in Arabic Language and it is a metaphor in learning Islam the Right w...


Ustazah Nuraizah Amin


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