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9 Jun 2023 - 20 Zulqaeda 1444 Maghrib 19:10 Ishak 20:25
9 Jun 2023 - 20 Zulqaeda 1444 | Subuh 5:35 | Syuruk 6:59 | Zuhur 13:06 | Asar 16:31 | Maghrib 19:10 | Ishak 20:25
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Thousands Have Attended!

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Sat, 5 July 2014, 9.30 am | English
Bio Dew Management International
Ustazah Zarina Begam, Abu Bakar

pre marriage course

Fees: From S$110 per person

Thousands of Couples have walked through their Journey of a Lifetime with us. Prior to that, some asked "Why should I come? I know what I know!!"

Only you can tell the difference.
This is a powerful couple empowerment course like no other.

2 full days course to prepare you for a Marriage of a Lifetime!


Register at
Normal rate : $260 per couple
Included: Certificate, Workbook & Meals (August)


Bio Dew Management International


Ustazah Zarina Begam, Abu Bakar


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