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Spiritual Arabic Music Concert By Abdelsalam Al Hassani

[Event has ended]
Sat, 2 August 2014, 8pm | Arabic
The Star Performing Arts Centre
Spiritual Arabic Music
Abdelsalam Al Hassani


Fees: Refer to details section

This event is cancelled

Naseem 'Breeze' Concert By Abdelsalam AlHassani

For the first time in Singapore, Spiritual Arabic Music (organiser) presents Abdessalam Alhassani

The Talented Grandson

In a small village in Morocco, people used to gather around the sweet pleasant voice of their beloved Sheikh Abdessala El-Faqih. As soon as he start to read the Qur'an, tears fall from listeners who are touched by his sweet voice.

No one from those who heard the voice of Sheikh Abdessalam though that anyone could inherit such unique talent after him.

Until the family of sheikh Abdessalam was honoured with the birth of Abdelssalam Alhassani, the grandson of Sheikh ABdelsalam.

It was clear from the first minute of Abdessalam Alhassani's birth that he inherited a lot more than his grandfather's name; he inherited his talents and good traits. Mashallah.

The Beginning

Abdessalam Alhassani was born in Morocco. His parentage goes back to El-Hassan Ibn Ali; Prophet Muhammad SAW's grandson. From an early age, he was known for his log to singing sophisticated meaningful songs away from light songs which were popular trend among youths his age at that time.

His Performances

Abdessalam Alhassani performed in a lot of artistic and cultural festival both locally and internationally. He gained audiences' admiration and praise. His unique talent excelled in capturing people's hearts from the first minute.

In his early career days, Abdessalam Alhassani tried singing various styles of songs until one day he was had to travel to Cairo to represent his country in the International Festival for songs. One of his songs which tells a story of a mother gained attention of both the audience and the judges. Since that day, he converted to singing Spiritual songs. Instead of singing to seek fame and glory, he now sings for the Prophet Muhammad SAW.


Spiritual Arabic Music Concert By Abdelsalam Al Hassani

Date & Time: 2nd August 2014 @ 8pm

Venue: The Star Performing Arts Centre
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617

Tickets sold at a special price online $160,$135, $109

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CAT 3 - $ 68
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Ramadhan Promotion: CAT 1 (1 Ticket) - $108

Cat 2 - Pink Area

Cat 2 (1 Ticket): $135.00
Cat 2 (2 Tickets): $214.00
Cat 2 (3 Tickets): $293.00
Cat 2 (4 Tickets): $372.00
Cat 2 (5 Tickets): $451.00
Ramadhan Promotion: CAT 2 (1 Ticket) - $88

Cat 3 - Yellow Area

Cat 3 (1 Ticket): $109.00
Cat 3 (2 Tickets): $173.00
Cat 3 (3 Tickets): $237.00
Cat 3 (4 Tickets): $301.00
Cat 3 (5 Tickets): $365.00
Ramadhan Promotion: CAT 3 (1 Ticket) - $68
Ramadhan Promotion: CAT 3 (1 Ticket) - Children under 12 years old - FREE

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2) No refunds for participants that fails to attend the event. Ensure you can commit to the timings.
3) Participants are to attend the event punctually and inform organisers early if they are late.
5) Organisers have the rights to make changes to schedule or cancel the event. Participants will be informed in advanced for changes.

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