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Islam4All 2014 Workshop

[Event has ended]

Islam4all Workshop is a bi-annual event organised by the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam Singapore). Designed for the Muslim youth to engage in interactive lectures and discussions, this workshop addresses the fundamental aspects of Islam, studies of cross-cultural da'wah and comparative religions, and contemporary issues facing Islam and the community. It serves as a platform to educate, train and engage the young generation in pursuit of da'wah, at the same time, nurturing them as agents of islah in the community at large.

Profile of Speakers for the Islam4All 2014 Workshop

Dr. Ibrahim Mohd Zain, is a Dean at International Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilization (ISTAC), IIUM. His area of specialization is Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Education, Islamic Sociology and Comparative Religion. He obtained his Degree and Master in Philosophy from University of Khartoum, Sudan and Master and Ph.D. in Religion from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.

A soft-spoken person, Dr Ibrahim Mohd Zain is actively involved in dialogues, conferences, workshops, and seminars at home and abroad. He was involved in the Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions (CISMOR) International Workshop in Japan and Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia and the Conference on Qur'anic Frameworks for Society – Islam, Multiculturalism, Pluralism and Peace on 16-17 June 08 at The Old Royal Naval College, University of Greenwich, London.


Ust Saif-ur-Rahman pursued his graduate studies in the United States on an International Fulbright Scholarship in Religious Studies and Law. While he was in the United States, he held the position of Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and taught both in the Law and the Religious Studies faculties at the University of Colorado. The subjects he taught at the university were Introduction to Syariah Law at the graduate level, and Judaism, Christianity and Islam as core subjects at the undergraduate level.

He obtained his law degree, LLB (Hons), from the National University of Singapore. While in NUS, he was the President of the NUS Political Association, President of Asia Law Students' Association and Executive Member of the NUS Students' Union. He also graduated from Raffles Junior College and Raffles Institution.

He became the only Asian to be inducted into the prestigious Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society, the only national honor society in the United States dedicated to recognizing academic excellence for scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology.
He is also a member of the American Academy of Religion, the world's largest association of scholars in the field of religious studies, and has on a yearly basis been selected to present papers on Islam during their annual meetings in the United States and/or Canada. In these meetings, he advised the Academy on issues of interfaith relations and contemporary world events affecting Islam and Muslims.

While at the University of Colorado, he held the position of the first President for the Student Organization for the Study of Religion (SOSR). He is also one of the co-editors for the only graduate journal on academic religious studies in the United States entitled "Next".
Previously in Singapore, Ustaz Saif-ur-Rahman was the Court Manager of the Syariah Court of Singapore, was the Head Imam of a local mosque, and was also a practicing lawyer. In these capacities, he has participated in many inter-faith dialogues organized by various religious institutions and grassroots organizations throughout Singapore, and has extensively delivered lectures on Islam for many years.


Ust. Syed Esa Hamid Alkaff is the Director of the Centre for Muslim Languages & Culture (CMLC). He is also a renowned Islamic teacher. His comprehensive style allows him to convey Islam in a simplified manner that enhances appreciation of Islam.

Academically, Ust Syed Esa holds a Diploma in Islamic Studies from the International Islamic University (Malaysia) and is trained by traditional ‘Ulama from Indonesia & Singapore. He has served in various capacities at Jamiyah, Darul Arqam Singapore and delivered lectures in both Malay & English to a cosmopolitan audience in Singapore.


Bro Ridzuan Wu is one of the founders of the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (MCAS) also fondly known as Darul Arqam Singapore and was the first president of the MCAS. He led MCAS for 26 years till 2006 and continued to serve as the Deputy President thereafter.

Bro Ridzuan Wu contributed significantly in various organizations and had vast experience which included his former postings as the Deputy President of the Regional Islamic Da'wah Council for Southeast Asia and Pacific (RISEAP), Honorary Director of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) for the Southeast Asian region and Chairman of the Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies (CCIS) in Singapore.

He also authored many Islamic books and publications such as Introduction to Evolution of Islamic Thought, Explaining Islamic Beliefs Across Cultures and Readings in Cross-Cultural Da'wah. He is currently the Managing Director at Omega Scientific Pte Ltd.


Bro. Ariff Sultan is a regional manager of the London Bridge Group. He holds an MA in Information Technology from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Bro. Ariff Sultan is also serving Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore as an Executive Committee member of the Council and has held several portfolios including the Vice-President of the (formerly known) Missionary and Education Division. He is currently the Vice-President of the Da'wah Division. Bro. Ariff has a keen interest in Comparative Religion. He was involved in several inter-faith dialogue sessions since his first involvement with Darul Arqam Singapore.


Bro Imran Kuna works in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution department at a private legal firm. He is a convert who is currently serving in the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (MCAS) as the Executive Committee member. He previously held the post of Assistant Vice-President of the Da'wah Division of MCAS but had recently took over the post of the Vice-President of the Converts' Development Division of MCAS.

Bro Imran is extremely passionate about da'wah and comparative religion and spearheaded various da'wah programme for youths and converts. He initiated the annual Da'wah Apprentice Programme in 2010 to reach out to recent tertiary graduates and young working adults who are often disconnected from the community. The programme aimed to equip youth participants with skills and knowledge to become the ambassadors of the religion and spread the message of Islam and peace.


Islam4All 2014

Date: 16 - 18 May 2014 (2 days & 1 evening)

Time: 16 May 2014 (6pm to 10pm)
17 – 18 May 2014 (9.30am to 5.30pm)

Venue: Darul Arqam (Level 3 Training Room)

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1) Full Payment are to be made before event starts.
2) Tickets will be sold up to 16th of May 2014 or reaches the maximum quantity whicever is earlier.
3) No refunds will be made once committed.
4) Ticket cannot be used for other events organised by or Darul Arqam Singapore
5) Participants are required to attend this event punctually.
6) For participants that chooses Bank Transfer, please make payment within the day that you register and email the info to [email protected]
7) No reservation are allowed without payment.

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