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30 Sep 2023 - 14 RabiulAwwal 1445 Zuhur 12:56 Asar 16:03
30 Sep 2023 - 14 RabiulAwwal 1445 | Subuh 5:35 | Syuruk 6:52 | Zuhur 12:56 | Asar 16:03 | Maghrib 18:58 | Ishak 20:07
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Revisiting Syahadah; An Introduction to Aqeedah

[Event has ended]
Mon, 14 April 2014, 14th April 2014, Monday | English
Safinah Institute


Fees: Standard $28 Friends of Safinah (Members) $24

Being mindful of one's relationship with Allah is a personal obligation that one must place great importance in. When a believer observes deeply on the signs of Allah's Greatness all around him, he will be drenched with a profound sense of Gratitude - one of the important key to everlasting happiness in this Duniyya and the Hereafter.

Join us in Safinah's upcoming Revisiting Syahadah Workshop this 14th April 2014 at Safinah Institute Training Center as we look closer and deeper into the meaning of Syahadah and the lessons of Aqeedah that prevails.

The workshop will cover:

☞ Understanding the Syahadah

☞ The Importance of having a Firm Aqeedah

☞ The Principles of Aqeedah

☞ The Nullifiers of Faith

☞ Deviant Teachings in Islam

☞ The Reality of Faith & it's Branches


Please find the event details as the following:

Revisiting Syahadah; An Introduction to Aqeedah
With Ustaz Fizar Zainal
Date: 14th April 2014, Monday
Time: 7.45pm to 9.45pm
Venue: Safinah Training Center - 1 Joo Chiat Road, #05-1013 S(420001)

Adults $28
Friends of Safinah (Members) $24

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Looking forward to meeting all of you insyaAllah !


Safinah Institute

Block 1 Joo Chiat Complex #05-1013 Singapore 420001


Safinah Institute


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