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6 Oct 2022 - 9 RabiulAwwal 1444 Zuhur 12:54 Asar 16:04
6 Oct 2022 - 9 RabiulAwwal 1444 | Subuh 5:33 | Syuruk 6:50 | Zuhur 12:54 | Asar 16:04 | Maghrib 18:56 | Ishak 20:05
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Islamic Playgroup and Tuition

[Event has ended]
Blk 824, Tampines St 81, #01-14
Nadi Furqan

madrasah tuition, playgroup

We provide both Academic and Ukhrawi Tuition for students in both secular and full-time madrasah schools. Our teachers are experienced and well-versed in both fields of knowledge.
Fees: 1 subject- $70-$90/month
3 subjects- $200/month

Islamic Playgroup
@Tampines, every Saturday 10.30am-11.45am
@Golden Landmark, every Saturday 11.15-12.30pm, 12.30pm-1.45pm, 2.
Subjects include Du'a, Short Surahs, Iqra', Writing, Art and Craft, Solat

Weekend Madrasah
Subjects include Tauhid, Fiqh, Akhlak, Sirah and Al-Qur'an Reading and Practical Solat


For more information or registration, contact Mdm Sulizah at 9455 4824 or e-mail us at [email protected]


Nadi Furqan


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