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Marriage Guidance Course by APKIM

[Event has ended]
Fri, 30 May 2014, 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. | Malay
134 Arab Street
APKIM Resources

pre marriage course

Fees: $300 per couple

Marriage Guidance Course by APKIM Resources

‘Kursus Bimbingan Rumahtangga' by APKIM Resources is a comprehensive religious based marriage guidance course for Muslim couples who are entering into marriage. Conducted on a daily basis except for Sunday's and Public holidays, this unique One Day course was designed for busy Muslim couples, 21 years and above and are marrying for the first time.

This course is available both in English and Malay. It consists of a personal session for half a day and a mini group workshop for another half day. Learning areas covered in the course include the following:

- Vision and Mission in Marriage
- Roles & Responsibilities of Husband & Wife
- Marriage perspective amongst couples
- Challenges in Marriage
- Effective Communication in Marriage
- Finance in Marriage
- Relationship Attachment Model

By the end of the course, couples are expected to understand the need for a vision in marriage. Couples are also expected to be able to apply relevant basic skills and understand their own roles and responsibilities in their marriage. Most importantly couples will be able to make their own plan for the first few years in the early phase of their marriage.

Our Marriage Educators

APKIM resources being one of the pioneers in the area of marital and social service industry provide a wide spectrum of very experienced trainers from Religious perspective as well as experienced educators in the social service involvement. Some of which are prominent figures who have been contributing to the society such as Ust. Salim Jasman, Ust Ibrahim, Ust Ali, Ustzh Hamidah, Puan Roslinda Solihin and many others.


Complimentary Counseling Session if you register for our Marriage Guidance Course!

Call us at 6295 1011 for registration and enquiries


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