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Halaqah Series 2013: Finding The Meaning Of True Happiness 2

[Event has ended]
Thu, 5 December 2013, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. | English
Singapore Institute of Management
SIM Malay Cultural & Muslim Society
Ustaz Syed Mustafa Alsagoff, Muhammad Hazlami Zawawi, Nur Zalifa Andeera Fadzillah


Fees: Free

SIMCMS be holding Halaqah Series on a monthly basis focusing on various topics such as ethics, religion, economics, culture, science and many more, which fits in our club's mission & vision.

The topic of the Halaqah Series 2013 will be Finding The Meaning Of True Happiness 2.

The objectives for this Halaqah are:

1. Current Problems Faced by Potential Married Couples
2. Dilemma in Idealism vs Realism
3. Ways to Handle Problems

We will be looking at the micro-level for example, on the issues faced by singles regarding the choice for having a Build-To-Order (BTO). Another example would the the New Paper article on Till 'debt do they part, where the couple took 3 years to save around $10 000 but in the end, spending about $25 000 and having troubles to clear his debt.

The macro-level aspect will be focusing on the recent studies showing the rise in the number of singles than couples (married). The government issued a statement recently that they are willing to provide $25 000 for companies starting up a match-making business.

Last but not least, the perspective of Malay-Muslim community on various issues like cost, expectation, ratio of male to female etc. For example, having expectations is not wrong but the concern is the measure of one's expectation. Questions like 'the best one vs the right one' and making a good choice.

It is also with reference to the book of Imam Al-Ghazali, The Alchemy of Happiness.

This Halaqah Series will be conducted in a forum setting, where there will be other panelists consisting of two of our alumnis and a moderator to facilitate the discussion after the presentation given by our guest speaker

Our guest speaker will be Ustaz Syed Mustafa Alsagoff.

Syed Mustafa Alsagoff has a very deep interest in the Islamic Education field in Singapore particularly and the educational world, in general. His experience and interest in the field dates back to late 80s as a student and as a full-time teacher since late 90s.

He is now pursuing his Masters, specializing in the teaching of Islamic Education at the International Islamic University Malaysia, IIUM. He holds a Diploma of Education from Edith Cowan University, Australia, and a Diploma in Departmental Management from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.

In the field of Syariah, he has a bachelor of Islamic Jurisprudence from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. He also holds a certificate in the fatwa of Darul Ifta, Egypt.

He was a teacher and Head of Department, Syariah at Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah for seven years (1999-2006). He also served the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore as an executive in the Madrasah Policy and Planning Strategic Unit from 2007 to 2009.

Syed Mustafa also actively teaches classes at several Islamic organizations such as PERGAS, PERDAUS, ALMAS and several mosques in Singapore.

He is a Naib Kadi at ROMM. He was also a Member of the Appeal Board, Hakam at Syariah Court, Fatwa Committee associate member MUIS, Members of Syariah financial adviser OCBC, PERGAS & ALMAS exec committee members and one of the writers for Friday sermons.

He is currently the Principal at Alsagoff Arab School, Singapore.

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7 p.m.: Arrival of Guests
7 15 p.m.: Jemaah Maghrib Prayers (Azan @ 6.57pm)
8 p.m.: Opening Address
8.05 p.m.: Commencement of Halaqah Series
9.30 p.m.: Questions & Answers
9.45 p.m.: Summary + Certificate of Appreciation
Presentation + Closing Du‘a + Photo Taking Session
End of Event

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SIM Malay Cultural & Muslim Society


Ustaz Syed Mustafa Alsagoff, Muhammad Hazlami Zawawi, Nur Zalifa Andeera Fadzillah


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